Dr. Ethel Abe: "Because someone saw potential in me and paid my school fees, I tend to see the potentials in young people and find creative ways of investing in them. This is my way of giving back to God's creation." -Dr. Ethel Abe-

Thanks to a 100 Nigerian Naira scholarship from a stranger who was a school teacher, she was able to go to school. This strange teacher saw potential in her and paid for her tuition and boarding fees when all hopes of her going to secondary school were lost. Today Ethel is a Dr University professor, consultant, entrepreneur, author, wife, mother, counsellor, teacher, mentor, and community empowerment advocate, to mention a few. Dr Ethel Abe knows the importance of education and is sensitive to the needs of the vulnerable members of our society. Born and raised in Nigeria, she and her family live in South Africa, where she lectures and engages in many youth empowerment initiatives.