As every movie has it concept and story lines, so is 'Agents of Dordorwor'.
AGENTS OF DORDORWOR is a movie that unravels the Scriptures of the Holy Bible that depicts the 'Last Days' of the world. ( Matthew 24:4-14). This movie tells about a clash between spirits. The story captures Cultism and Idolatry, the quest for miracles, signs and wonders by wearied people. It shows desperation for wealth and fame, thirst for political power. This movie set out the heart of man in the last days as written in the Holy Bible. It talks about a righteous and fervent family that refuses to yield to the dictate of the world but rather clinging to the Will of God Almighty. They are subjected to humiliation and torture, would they give up? The movie features Suspense, emotion, romance, ritual, righteousness and greed.

Watch out for "Agents Of Dordorwor" and find out the rest for yourself.