Six out of every ten young African struggles to get a good job or to educate themselves. When powered by opportunity, they have a chance to work their way out of poverty and transform their lives.

That is why Clevenard has come up with a job creation program Named (Clevenard virtual credit).

From 15th of May 2019 we will be rolling out our jobs creation for African and Africans in diaspora to make extra income and to create job for Africans back home.

How does it work?

1. Get people to sign up on for free.

2. Contact us or one of our agent close to you on how to become a reseller of Clevenard virtual credit. When that is done and you have been giving the right to resell.

3. Your Clevenard account will be credited with 100$ OR MORE Clevenard virtual credit will resell to you customers on Clevenard social network.

4. What is Clevenard Virtual Credit and what is the Use.

5. Clevenard Virtual Credit is a type of digital currency that is only available in electronic form and not in physical form. And can only be use inside our network to buy one or more of our services such as placing advert etc...

How do you make profit?

1. For every Clevenard Virtual Credit you sell,you get 10% upfront from the minute is been sold, no question asked.

2. If you are taking part in Clevenard affiliate program you will still make 5% out of any money spent by your customer on Clevenard. Once a user registers with your link, the user/contact will be under you. This means,for every 100 coins purchased by the user you will receive 5% from any transaction made by the user in-between the 60 days only.

3. For instance if the user/contact purchases 100 coins you will receive (10%) 10$ from the Clevenard Virtual Credit and (5%) 5$ from the Clevenard affiliate program so in total you have 15% on every 100 coins Clevenard Virtual Credit the user spend.

Other ways to get paid on Clevenard Procedure for virtual credit currency to trade on Clevenard:

Other ways to get paid on Clevenard

You are welcome to take part in our win win advertisement and programs, for every incoming you bring into Clevenard you will get 10% instantly from what even is paired to Clevenard. See below for advert and program possibilities.


1. Branded and entitled programming and interstitial

2. Product and corporate marketing commercials of varied lengths.

3. Long-form paid programming.


5. Rotating banners

6. Content pages


1. Corporate mentions and logo on print materials

2. Signage at out-of-home events

Banner advert and locations

1. Content (bottom)

2. Content (top)

3. Sidebar (bottom)

4. Sidebar (top)

5. User profile mid-page (logged in)

6. User profile mid-page (public) on video like interviews and other programs

7. On Clevenard Radio and Tv

8. Including all the tools on our network

The Clevenard idea is to create 100% financial independence for everyone involved with the great program called Clevenard virtual credit to Africans and friends of Africa.

Contact us or one of our agent for more info.