Clevenard Business Matchmaker is an innovative social platform that delivers result-driven campaigns and marketing solutions for businesses in all sectors, we bring together startups and established businesses.

On our platform, you can find people who share your interests. All of our users can build their profiles, send messages, friend people, interact with each other, share interests, and much more. Take a minute to fill in your profile and tell the world about your business.

Available Marketing Tools

Stylish Blogs

Let our users freely express themselves and connect with new people with blogs.


Classified allows our users to advertise their personal goods to sell and actively engage with other users.


Our users can create & manage their events where other users can join in for the special happening.


Our users can create and explore numerous groups according to their interests to interact with others.

Delightful Gifts

Our users can express themselves by sending and receiving lovely gifts too and from other users.


Our users can upload Audio of their choice and can also explore listening to podcasts from other users.

Take advantage of our perfect search & match possibilities

Customize matchmaker questions and explore potential matches. Enable restrictions on search criteria based on age, gender, location, and interests. It is important to fill in the data form when signing up to enable our search business matchmaking software to have adequate details of information about your intended business partner.