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Palma, Balears, Spain
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Point of purchase and sale of used books of any school grade.

This group has been created to have a more extensive tool with which to buy and sell or exchange second-hand books from any school year. Very useful to save on the purchase of books for your children. The idea is to have a link between all the African community resident on the island (Palma de Ma…

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CERCLE: Electronic Music Festival 2021 - PARIS
10 Sep, 2021

National Air and Space museum of France is one of the leading aeronautical and space museums in the world due to its age and the richness of its collections. Founded in 1919, it presents an exceptional historical ensemble in the three fields of flight: aerostation, aviation and space. Through its…

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Let's start with the definition of the noun. Tenet: principle, belief or doctrine generally considered to be true. "Tenet" is a dogma, whether of faith or profane. Tenet, of course, is also the title of Christopher Nolan's last film (London, 1970), a film shot that, I'm telling you, is going to blow…

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Buying second-hand clothes on the Internet has long since ceased to resemble visiting a messy, unappetizing flea market.The re-merchants - as they have been called - that are succeeding on the net are looking more and more stylish, generating attractive content and editorials, and are constantly bei…

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Folding Electric Scooter - Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential Black

An alternative, economical and healthy way to move.

The structure of the Xiaomi scooter is foldable and resistant. It is also lightweight (12 kg), so you can transport…

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