APC South Africa Chairman. Congratulates President Buhari reelection.

APC South Africa Chairman.  Congratulates President Buhari reelection.

Let me again on behalf of APC South Africa Diaspora chapter congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari and the Presidency for PMB reelection as the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

A great philosopher says " The acid test of leadership is humility to learn from past mistakes for permanent change and better socioeconomic progress" In respect of the above , I will advice the President to review the following areas of his administration to fulfill his promises to Nigerians that have voted for him.

1. Set clear goal to build strong institutional structures of Nigeria.

2. Appoint competent Nigerians from different geopolitical zones that shares the same vision with him in the new administration.
(Avoid lopsided appoinsocis)

3. NOA must be overhaul completely to perform its role of social mobilisation of Nigerians on governmental policies and achievement especially fight against corruption and need to build strong institutional structures of Nigeria instead of strong individual structures.

4. Simple economic definition of division of labour points to the fact that the three Ministries under one Minister need to be divided into three ministries or at least two. Power and Steel is the engine room of development of nations, An Engr needs to head that Ministry. Making one person to perform the roles of three persons is totally against the principle and advantages of division of labour so as to increase, expertise, increase output and service delieverance and increase income.

5. The President needs to make surprise visits to Federal establishments and states as convenient for him.

6. Institute Diaspora Commission and involved the Nigeria Diasporans. This is the only way to justify bringing us from various countries for the Nigerian Diaspora Economic Investment Summit at the Presidential Villa on 27 - 29th Nov 2018 in Abuja.

7. Create Presidential Monitoring office in the Presidency as foot soldiers on government administrative performance and evaluation, You don't need another chance to create first impression.

8. Developed nations of the world is built on Knowledge Economy, therefore Education Health and Agriculture must continue to be the hub of PMB policy and administration. Universities must be well funded for research and learning. PMB administration must be effective to an extent that APC that brought him to leadership position must be the desire of Nigerians to continue the legacy of PMB.

May God Almighty continue to grant him more victories in the areas of security, and fight against corruption in Jesus name.Once again, congratulations and God bless Nigeria.

Dr Taye Abe