Open secret between (APC) All Progressives Congress Chairmanship South Africa. Require urgent attention

Open secret between (APC) All Progressives Congress Chairmanship South Africa.   Require urgent attention


Kindly refer to the above subject matter in respect of the NEC recognition of a disloyal and fraudulent group whose members resigned and left APC on 31st may 2014 in South Africa and joined Labour party in Ekiti State to contest Ekiti state governorship election in 2014.

New Executive members were constituted because six members of the Exco resigned along with the chairman and the Vice chairman to continue the activities and programmes of the party in South Africa.

Several meetings were held to take those who resigned from the party back to the party after their party failed to win election in Ekiti State.

These disloyal members did not renew their membership with APC South Africa Diaspora chapter because of desperate ambition of the leader of the disloyal group Mr. Bola Babarinde..

The authentic loyal members of APC South Africa Diaspora chapter hereby express our protest and total rejection of the letter issued to the disloyal group through the back door and without the knowledge of the authentic loyal APC South Africa members and Elders of our great party in South Africa led by late Fesus Ogbeide.

The activities of the loyal and authentic APC South Africa under the chairmanship of Late Honourable Festus Ogbeide and members before, during and after the 2015 general elections were known all over Nigeria and the rest of the world.

We fought on the side of APC even to the office of the President of South Africa on the postponement of 2015.

Late Festus Ogbeide died in a ghastly motor accident on 8th January 2017. Dr. Abe Olusola Taye who was the Vice Chairman was unanimously elected as the Chairman of APC South Africa Diaspora Chapter.

The loyal and authentic APC South Africa Diaspora members with the executive members and Elders officially submitted hard copies of registration of membership forms of members at the APC headquarters in Abuja in 2015.

The submission of the membership registration forms by loyal and authentic members was officially acknowledged by the APC National party headquarters office in the office of the Organising Secetrary.

Dr. Abe Olusola Taye, the then APC South Africa Vice Chairman submitted the original copies of completed membership forms on behalf of the APC South Africa at the APC National Headquarters in Abuja.

The South Africa Diaspora chapter officially wrote to the APC headquarters for our inaugural convention and was approved in 2015. The convention was held and report sent to many NEC members after the convention.

It was disheartening and disappointing in 2016 receiving the shocking news of recognition letter given to a group whose members officially resigned and left APC to join other political parties.

The leader of the group Mr Bola Babarinde who was Vice Chairman in APC wrote letter of resignation and left APC on May 31st 2014 as ACN whereas ACN as at 31st of May 2014 has seized to exist since it has merged with other political parties to form All Progressives Congress (APC). Honourable Omoregie who was chairman of APC resigned on the same 31st May 2014 for as APC Chairman.

The loyal and authentic members of APC South Africa under the Chairmanship of Dr. Abe Olusola Taye hereby request that the right thing must be done right.

The recognition letter addressed to Bola Babarinde and his group must be withdrawn forthwith and be issued to the APC SA led by Dr Abe Olusola Taye as the chairman and current leader of APC South Africa Diaspora chapter.

All Progressives Congress (APC) as a party for positive change must not treat loyalty for rejection and disloyalty for acceptance.

The following document is hereby attached for your information and further necessary action to address this nauseating injustice.

1. Proof of acknowledgement and receipt of original membership forms of APC SA forms by APC headquarters staff in Abuja.
2. Letter submitted for recognition and approval of APCSA Diaspora chapter for inauguration and convention of 17th of October 2015.
3. Report of inaugural, convention and activities of APCSA in 2015.
4. Resignation letter of Barrister Omoregie APC Interim chairman on 31st May 2014.
5. Resignation letter of Mr. Bola Babarinde who was Vice chairman to Barrister Omoregie on 31st May 2014.
6. Evidences abound that APCSA has been sending email messages to national officers since January 2015 till date.

Dr. Abe Olusola Taye
Chairman APC South Africa.