Cold Pressed Coconut Oil / We do not mix our oil

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil / We do not mix our oil

Our Coconut Oil is made from the aromatic flesh of the coconut - the fruit of the tropical coconut palm that thrives in coastal regions of Africa. Our raw organic coconut oil is free from gluten, wheat, lactose, added sugar, salt, yeast, preservatives, or artificial colorings.

Our Coconut Oil contains vegetable saturated fats, lauric acid, and ketones, and can survive exceptionally high temperatures without losing any of its naturally occurring nutrients or oxidizing. In addition, Coconut Oil is a kind and gentle, hypoallergenic body care product that can be applied directly to skin and hair, or used as an exceptionally moisturizing massage oil for luscious results.

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We have successfully established a reputed name as an exporter and manufacturer of a wide range of Natural Essential Oils, Spice Oils, Essential Oil, Fruit powder, and Nigeria Spices. This noteworthy range of products is widely admired for its rich taste, high nutritional value, and protein content.

We are backed by a technologically sound infrastructure, We have been to offer supreme quality products within the determined time frame. Furthermore, our efficient and diligent workforce takes painstaking efforts to ensure that our product range is in consonance with the global quality standards for safe consumption. Moreover, our efficient personnel ensures delivery of contamination-free and safe products on time. Owing to our sound financial position, ethical business practices and, We have been successful in establishing and maintaining stable relations with our clients.

Some of the features we offer include::

Our Coconut Oil is

  • •Cold-pressed,
  • •Unrefined
  • •Chemical-free,
  • •Unfermented*,
  • •Unbleached,
  • •Undeodorized,
  • •Unhydrogenated,
  • •No Solvents,
  • •Tastes like fresh coconut,
  • •has a fresh coconut fragrance

Available in: 5 Litres, 25 Litres and 50 Litres

Use of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

  1. ● Increase Your Metabolism
  2. ● Protect Your Skin From UV Rays
  3. ● Improve Your Dental Health
  4. ● Relieve Skin Irritation and Eczema
  5. ● Make Healthy Mayonnaise
  6. ● Moisturize Your Skin
  7. ● Help to Fight Infections
  8. ● Increase Your ‘Good’ HDL Cholesterol
  9. ● Protect Your Hair From Damage
  10. ● Coconut oil can help keep your hair healthy
  11. ● Improve Wound Healing
  12. ● Decrease Hunger and Food Intake

Coconut oil has several benefits such as skincare, haircare, weight loss, treating yeast infections, improving digestion and immunity against a host of infections and diseases.