Irina Vasconcelos is an Angolan singer that currently resides in Mozambique.

Born in Luanda, Angola, Irina grew up in Portugal as well during her forming years. After returning to Angola from Portugal, her love for good rock music was already established, which led her to start performing with a band. Soon she received invites from the media and fans alike to perform at bigger events, which she has been doing for the past fifteen years.

Apart from being a dedicated mother and wife, Irina is also a festival designer, project manager, and event producer. She is the producer of the Etimba Festival in Angola, an urban arts festival that boasts four editions to date and features world music.

The song that made her famous was inspired by the thirty year-long war, where many children lost their parents. By writing this song, she wanted to raise awareness about the effects of war. This caused many requests to be made for Irina to enter the Jazz and Gospel genres, as she possessed the ability sing it all. Even though she prioritizes making a living from her music, her main purpose remains to be a voice of the ones in need, no matter what stage of life she finds herself to be in. She believes that a person should always speak out when they have suffered abuse, or that they should be ready to listen without judgement to others who have been victims of abuse.

Her first solo album, Kai – Filhos Do Mar (2020), is a rock and world music fusion and took three and a half years to record. Kai is the name of her firstborn son and Filhos do mar means ‘Sons of the sea’. The title symbolizes the reality of being grateful and free like the waves in the sea, but that all history binds humanity together through the element of spirituality.

Before she embraced her solo career, she was the lead singer and songwriter of the Café Negro band. In 2014 the band won Group of the Year at The Angola Music Awards with their song, Kilpanga de 1 Árfão, from the album, A Safra. Irina credits this album for giving her recognition as a well-known artist. Shortly after the band split up Irina learnt to create and compile all her music independently.

Skunk Anansie and Nina Simone have been the biggest influences on Irina’s own musical style. She draws inspiration from all the elements of life and can always be found listening to Indie Rock and Jazz when she is at home.

Although Irina describes herself as having a somewhat cold exterior, she assures her fans that she is a warm-hearted, caring musician and not just a plastic product of a political system. She believes in the healing power of music and looks forward to attending many festivals and to release new music in the future.

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