Getting into Higher Education as a mature student. - Interview with Mr Shakil Chowdhury on Clevenard Radio 2


The current pandemic has made it necessary for people to retrain themselves and gain more skills.

Shakil is an education consultant who has ensured that many adults have taken advantage of the Student Loan available for qualifying students.

Find out if you are eligible to study online or participate in blending learning.

United Kingdom 

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He is a professional person with many years experience in the education sector. From cover letter ideas to finance and personal documentation, he will walk you through from the beginning.
Shakil has qualities of a consultant, because he was always kind, showed great interest in my goals and he facilitated the admission process. Highly recommended


Two years ago I used Shakil in order to be accepted into University of wales for an Bachelor degree in Cloud computing. He provided ap well guided consultancy throughout the whole application process. His knowledge on these kind of administrative processes is quite specific and accurate, he can guide you exactly into all paperwork and suggest any kind of best education practices in order to get your application just perfect.


Well done sir! Very clear and useful information. You've made a positive difference in many people's life. Thanks so much.


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