Vantage Court 2.0 offers units of stunning 3 bedrooms all rooms en-suite semi-detached duplexes with BQ.

Situated in a family-friendly neighborhood near great landmarks like Novare Mall, Coscharis Motors, Corona School, Omu Resort, and so on, this property offers 450 square meters of living space, your family and loved ones will enjoy the cozy interior.

With a Governor’s Consent as title, your ownership is legally secured!
PRICE: Outright 0-6 Months: 30M (All inclusive) Initial deposit of 3M
12 Months: 31M (All inclusive) Initial deposit of 7M
18 Months: 32M (All inclusive) Initial deposit of 10M
All units are delivered semi-finished (carcass).

Here are a few of its wonderful features:

* 24 hrs maximum security
* 18 hrs electricity
* Premium state of the art décor
* Top-notch recreational facilities
* Gated community
* Gated and interlocked compound
* Perimeter Fencing
* Modern drainage system
* Back-up electricity generator
* Potable water
* Impeccable road network
* Spacious parking space and so much more!

Will you be required to make additional payments? No!, 30 million naira price is all-inclusive covering your documentation to help you seal a 360 ownership.