A stylish series of compact spot light, made from Brass with polished or powder coated black
finish, which gives a great weather durability.

  • Exceptional Color and Texture
    No other metals create the aesthetic
    beauty offered by solid machined brass.
  • Weather Resistant
    Brass has self-healing qualities that hide
    and blend in superficial scratches.
  • Low Maintenance
    Brass can be restored to its original
    appearance even after years of neglect.
  • Temperature Tolerant
    Brass will not soften in high temperatures
    or crack in low temperatures.
  • Corrosion Resistant
    Outdoor exposure creates an attractive
    patina, which permanently protects the
    metal from corrosion.
    Each light has an easy to install and adjustable knuckle which accepts 6 mounting options, offers
    a vast variety of possibilities for evocative illumination in garden and pond.
    And the special ribbed body to allow easy adjustment of a clip on glare shield.