Brief Introduction

PTO driven trailer is a special implement trailer which takes power from rear driven system to provide drive to the trailer's wheels. This function can be achieved by using PTO shaft mechanism and rear driven system. Thus,the trailer is no more being 'pulled' but is moving simultaneously with the tractor giving both the tractor and trailer a 6/4 wheel drive ability.PTO driven trailer enables you to move your supplies on MUDDY ROADS OR TWISTS AND TURNS MOUNTAIN ROADS while reducing tractor wheel slippage and increasing climbing ability.


  • Tractor and trailer becomes a full 6x4/ 6x4 wheel drive vehicle instead of a 4x2/ 4x4 wheel drive tractor pulling a trailer.
  • It’s more easy to enter the plantation when matched our compact 28hp tractor, so it reduces the carrying of workers and increases the speed of harvest.
  • Improve your tractor’s safety, gradeability, traction efficiency and productivity reducing tractor wheel slippage
  • Less horsepower required means less fuel consumption. Less horsepower from the tractor required to haul the same loads as to carry/transport a load is more efficient than to pull.

TR-1800 TR-2000 TR-2500
Matched Power:
≥24 HP ≥24 HP ≥24 HP
Driven system:
Thickness of steel plate(mm)
Loading capacity(KG):
Unloading way:

Tire size:
750-16 750-16 750-16
wheel number:
Brake type:
mechanical/ air brake