⦁ Standard configuration: Brand 6 - Cylinder generator
⦁ Gearbox stops:16+8
⦁ power output speed:720/850
⦁ Clutch type: Dry, single acting, double-disc

⦁ The minimum distance is 470mm, and the job is better by sex.
⦁ The power output is 720/850r/min and the two-speed combination meets the demand of a variety of machine tools to rotate speed.
⦁ The front wheel has a level adjustable, the back wheel is not
⦁ Adjustable drag, power output, and drag work at the same time.

⦁ Shocking absorber floor, suspension pedal hydraulic steering, adjustable seat, inverted control, driving comfort.
⦁ Optional synchronizer changing gear, fast-changing gear with no impact, can be changed in the process.

Main Technical Parameters
Dimensions(MM):longXwideXheight 5165x2370x3260
Wheelbase(mm) :2555
Engine Power(KW) :110.3
The front wheel track(mm):1945 (1820~2020)
Minimum Weigh(Kg) :5450
The back wheeltrack(mm) :1910 (1830~2040)
Maximum traction :39.0
Maximum lift :26.5