Oil seed expeller machine

Oil seed expeller machine – an important component of oil mill plant

Screw oil press which is also known as oil seed expeller is the heartbeat or the most vital part of the entire oil mill plant. This is regardless of whether it’s a small scale or large scale oil processing plant.

The machine works by a simple mechanism whereby the precooked seeds are fed into the machine’s chamber through a hopper. The screwing action of the machine forcefully pushes the oil seeds towards the narrow end. As the oil seeds are pressed and forcefully pushed to the narrow end, oil is squeezed out of the seed due to increased pressure and harvested via the tiny holes. The refuse or by-product of harvested seed oil is collected as oil cakes and can be sold to generate additional revenues to the business. Most processing plants finance some of their operations from the sales of oil seed by-product or oil cakes.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality screw oil press models with different capacities and capabilities. You can always be sure to get an oil press machine that fits your oil making needs from these varieties of the collection. We are endowed with industry experts who will be happy to guide and advise you through the entire process.With a ABC BEST screw oil press machine, you can start a low investment business and gradually build it to success. We have trusted industry experts, loyal and always at your service.


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Oil seed expeller machine


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