An alternative, economical and healthy way to move.

The structure of the Xiaomi scooter is foldable and resistant. It is also lightweight (12 kg), so you can transport it wherever you want or store it without taking up much space. Forget about spending hours in the car or sweating your way to work from a half-hour bike ride. You can travel up to 20km without worrying about the battery - an indicator in the app will tell you when it's running out. Its lithium battery has a capacity of 5100mAh, which requires 5h for full charge.
There's an ultra-bright headlight for night-time driving, a double disc braking system with anti-lock brakes, and red 8.5 "rubberised rear lights that absorb shocks well.

Includes: 1x Power Adapter, 1x Key, 1x Tyre pump nozzle, 4x Hexagon screws.