The Longrich wine is a special blend and sophisticated vintage liquor from the Longrich stable. It is one wine I recommend for all distributors to have at home for the benefit of your family members.

The wine contains alcohol, pawpaw seed, safflower ,Wu chai, and water.

*Safflower* is an organic oil that aids in weight loss,lowers cholesterol, manages blood sugar,improves immune system, reduces muscular pains,boost hair growth and improves skin look.

*Pawpaw seeds* burns tommy fat, and detoxifies the system.

*Wu chai pee* is a great antioxidant, diminishes inflammation that is why one tends to pass urine more often after taking the wine.

*Benefit of the Longrich wine*

It increases *sexual performance* for both men and women, boost sperm production and its quality.

Enhances immunity.

Improves blood circulation.

Protects liver from toxic effects of bad alcohol

It gives a calming effect

It helps increasing the muscles mass which makes the body firm and stronger.

Helps in weight loss and reduces body fat.

Regulates blood sugar and a detoxifier.

Reduces body pains and menstrual discomfort in women.

It is an anti poison and good for indigestion (this is a personal experience)

*Please the Longrich wine is not suitable for underage persons,pregnant women and those who can not tolerate alcohol*

You can take 30mils at once and for those not used to taking alcohol, dilute with water.