We at Clevenard Online Marketers strongly believe that the use of our online social media platform is a global phenomenon that is particularly essential for the economic growth and the expansions of businesses and the private sector in general. Our online platform is also fundamentally important for the dispositions of knowledge, writing skills, creative practical skills, hand crafts, graphic design skills, exchange of excellent academic research data and an easy means of meeting world changers and leading academics.

Thus; our online social media platform has over the years complemented and enhances effective teaching techniques in traditional classroom settings and has equally created a huge global impact on students, researchers and academics. A recent survey conducted on Clevenard Online Social media Platform (CSOMP) shows that a huge number of academics, skillful writers, graphic designers, business gurus have been attracted to our online social platform. This has enabled Clevenard Online Social Media Platform (COSMP) to provide a variety of relevant materials on a wide range of subjects across the world.

e-Learning Facilitates

Clevenard Online Social Media e-Learning Platform (COSMEP) provides a factual, credible and accurately balanced academic research contents with deep cognizance of educational and cultural diversification designed for global relevance.

Who Can Use Our Online Social Media e-Learning Platform?

Clevenard Online Social Media e-Learning Platform can be used by the undermentioned categories of people:

  1. Students conducting academic research
  2. Teachers
  3. Academic Researchers
  4. Universities
  5. Colleges
  6. Business Agents
  7. Writers
  8. Online Market Researchers
  9. Knowledge/Information Seekers
  10. Non-Governmental Agencies
  11. Government Representatives
  12. Employers
  13. Employees

How to Login

  • In order to login, kindly follow the undermentioned steps:
  • Go to clevenard.com
  • Click on sign up and fill out the information requires
  • Click on group
  • Create a group for your class and /or as individual
  • The created group allows you to do group chat, do group video calls, diffusion of group information, file transfer and other relevant tools with which you can navigate your way with ease.

The group can be used by university lecturers, college lecturers and school teachers to group-teach their students

Clevenard.com Online Social Media e-Learning Package is specifically designed to enable lecturers, academics and teachers to lecture and /or teach their students in a traditional classroom setting using clevenard.com Online Social Media e-Learning audiobook, group chats, group videos chat, send learning materials to individual students, post students’ group and as well as individual students’ assignments with particular directives on how to research the assignment.

Universal Academic Platform

Clevenard.com e-Learning Social Media Platform (CELSMP) can be used for mass scientific research purposes and for the sharing of significant scientific ideas aimed at solving global problems and intercontinental challenges of the twenty first century, and in particular for the discovery of groundbreaking scientific innovations that may lead to fundamental universal solutions to global problems such as epidemics and outbreaks of natural disasters.

Clevenard.com e-Learning Social Media Platform (CELSMP) can also be used as interstates academic research forum for joint scientific and joint academic research engagements aimed at salvaging common interstates challenges with a desired output focused at a common solution that meets the needs of all parties involved.

However, to set up Clevenard.com e-Learning Social Media Platform Group (CELSMPG) for classroom usages, lecturers and teachers must first register using a specific email or social media account with which they can then set up a class under the Group menu. Significantly, the platform allows for the uploading of materials, publication of papers, and posting of poems. With Clevenard.com e-Learning Social Media Platform users have easy but quick access to share materials and files using WhatsApp, FaceBook, and Twitter

Business Benefits

Quite apart the academic and scientific benefits offer by Clevenard.com Platform to our online users, Clevenard.com Social Media Platform is also professionally designed to market goods and services around the glob with comfort and ease. Clevenard.com Online Social Media Platform provides busines directives and opportunities to business like-minded people around the world and connect people to discuss and do business without having to move out of their offices and homes.

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