You don't have to worry about selling your new or old items, services, or products.

On Clevenard Marketplace we use our marketplace app and social network to promote your products to the public and we get a commission whenever the sales are made.

That means you only have to contact us to give us the information about whatever you have to sell and we will do the run around on ground and online to make sure we get a buyer.

It doesn't matter if it is a person, a corporation, an event, a team, a place, ... Examples of each type of agency/product/service or old or new items will help delineate the similarities and differences.

Note: We deal with all types of products, services, properties luxury, old or new items, etc. We are not limited to a country,Clevenard Marketplace is looking to save the world when it comes to marketing and selling online.

You are welcomed to discuss it with us at any time, you bring it we will sell it.

Selling is our job, not yours, You just do the talking