Clevenard Marketers is the number one property guru. We are not estate agents but we aim to be the platform for property seekers, where they can seek details of all properties available around to buy or sell.

We have created a significantly more convenient and effective way for property buyers and sellers to find their next property: up-to-date property information.

It is based almost entirely on long-term partnerships and collaborations with hundreds of developers, master agents, and local agents/wealth managers, operating around the world.

We act as a global hub for new-build development projects and investment properties. Our partner developers promote their new projects and investment opportunities via our marketing platform, which is connected to thousands of professional collaborators, who together form Clevenard. Our network members work worldwide and our partner agents’ total client base exceeds 200, registered active investors, and lifestyle property-buyers.

We are always open to forming new partnerships with reputable developers, professional master agents, and renowned local agents with proven sales records. We believe that in today’s dynamic world of business with its constantly changing market conditions, mutually beneficial partnerships between serious companies on a global level are the key to sustainable growth and a long-lasting presence in the market. Moreover, international clients and investors can count on full confidentiality and enjoy the benefits of a multi-agent structure, including an extensive portfolio of properties, local knowledge and strong connections both on a national level and globally.

Inevitably, the process of globalization is changing all aspects of people's lives and the way business is done.

This means that investors are no longer restricted to their own domestic markets and developers can sell their properties around the world in a few simple steps. Active and professional people from around the world are taking new job opportunities, changing their lifestyle, and moving to more exciting countries that offer a better standard of living — these days, immigration restrictions are minimal, and successful working people and investors can live in almost any country they like.

Today, funds can be moved freely around the world like never before, reaching far-flung investment destinations. The world is full of money-making opportunities and there are almost no limitations on what or where you can invest. It has never been easier to exit one investment and transfer the proceeds into the next project.

This approach to investing can be very effective, but it is only possible with the professional assistance of strong organizations like ours, built on the principles of mutually beneficial partnerships which sees trusted business units act together, both locally and globally, on behalf of their customers’ interests... Our network members work in more than 50 countries worldwide and our partner agents’ total client base exceeds 800 registered active investors and lifestyle property-buyers.

Are you interested in joining Clevenard so you can sell or buy more properties locally and internationally? Give us a quick call and we will explain more.