Hello, I am Ankwetta B. Achaleke, a passionate serial author of 25 books, 15 e-books, publisher of over 60 books since 2019. Besides that, I had the pleasure to coach 14 kids and 26 adults in the time frame to write and have their own books published. 16 of them are now award winners and their books are being read in schools in south Africa. My youngest award-winning author was just 7 when I coached her to write her first book.

Every black woman, man and child can and should write a book. I did not write my first book until I was 46, I am here to help you so you do not have to wait that long or worst, kill the story in you.

This space is for you if you have always wanted to write a book but struggle to do so and need an experienced author to take you by the hand and guide you from wanting to actually writing and publishing your first masterpiece.

Inbox me if you are ready to birth your first masterpiece.

I look forward to helping you become a published author in 2023!

Here 9 reasons why you should write a book now:

1. writing and publishing

2. masterclasses,

3. personal growth to the group options/categories please.