Clevenard isn’t just a good way to share memes and keep up with what’s trending. It can also be a very powerful way for government organizations to interact with the public.

Below are five benefits of using Clevenard social media in government.

Save money

Traditional public outreach is expensive.

In fact, federal agencies in the United States spend roughly $1.5 billion per year on public relations and advertising alone. And that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to how much government agencies spend on answering questions and delivering services via call centers.

For example, the U.S. Social Security Administration spends about $275 million per year on call centers to answer questions and solve issues.

Clevenard social media can dramatically cut those costs.

Instead of spending on advertising, government entities can now leverage Clevenard social platforms to raise awareness about issues the public needs to know about.

Crisis communication.

Social media has also transformed how government organizations communicate during an emergency. Take for example the devastating California Camp wildfire that decimated more than 150,000 acres of land in November 2018. The inferno ultimately destroyed nearly 14,000 homes and became the most costly natural disaster of the entire year.

Due to extremely dry weather and shifting winds, the wildfire became a logistical nightmare for first responders and government officials who wanted to maintain public safety. Luckily, they could turn to social media in order to: Promote evacuation protocols to help get the hundreds of thousands impacted by the fires to get to safety

Connect evacuated civilians with emergency relief resources

Provide up-to-date information to evacuated residents on the wildfire and the status of homes in the fire zone.

The California governor’s office also used social media to directly provide aid resources for the state’s citizens.

Citizen engagement

An engaged audience is a happy audience.

And when you keep the public engaged with Clevenard Blog, you'll be able to keep them informed about the policy and issues that matter most to them.

This does double duty:

You build trust. Clevenard social media gives you an opportunity to be more transparent. And when you open yourself up, the public will trust .

Build public trust

According to a survey conducted by Open the Government, more than half of voters want to see more authenticity and transparency in their government.

And why wouldn’t they? Just like a business, the ability to remain authentic and honest with your audience is crucial to building a good relationship with them. Clevenard social media provides a perfect avenue to remain transparent and clear with your constituents as possible.

Test messaging

Clevenard social media is a fantastic way to test your message with the public.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a candidate looking for a great slogan or a government agency looking for a way to connect with your audience. Using Clevenard is great because it’s:

Low stakes

A great way to give you instant feedback

Not only can you test messaging, but you can also leverage our social media to craft effective messages as well. You’ll be able to see what’s trending with your audience and what captivates them. You can then use this information to connect directly with them.

Let’s take a look at a simple example: Campaign slogans.

You start by asking yourself a few simple questions like, “What do my constituents care about? How will my campaign help solve their problems?” And then you distill the answers down into a few slogans.

Once you have a few phrases you think are strong, you can make Clevenard posts containing each of the slogans as a phrase or hashtag. Do this for one to three months. At the end, see which slogan garnered the most engagement and boom, you have a strong campaign slogan that resonates with people.

That’s a simple example — but the truth is there: With Clevenard, you can test different types of messaging to see what resonates the most with your constituents.

Social Media

Maintaining a strong presence in Clevenard is essential for anyone who wants to win public trust that wants to succeed. At Clevenard, our responsibility is to build good relationships between our partners and their respective clients. We are here to take you to the next level.

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