We are SISTERS. We are STRONG WHEN TOGETHER. We SHINE. We RISE as one. LETS TALK About this Event Calling all Black women who want to dismantle the harm, chronic stress and racialised trauma that has inflicted upon us. Black London Women Voices is a weekly circle where Black women lend their voices to various issues ranging from colonisation to the significance of our hair. This circle was designed as a safe space for Black women to build a community of people interested in stimulating conversation. Furthermore, it serves as a place where voices often silenced can be heard and validated. About this Event Black women in the UK have been expending a great deal of strength and courage in order to survive the intersection of systemic racial and sexist oppression. Yet, many of us have also been silently "holding" and "dis-owning" a great deal of chronic stress, pain and trauma as the result of striving to survive a culture of white body supremacy, patriarchy and classism. Please join this reflective group which will give us the opportunity to develop healthy and empowering ways to unlock the suppressed stress and pain that many Black women have contained for years. We aim to build Grassroots movements and innovative projects with equity frameworks redirect our focus toward root causes of disparities, disempowerment and disease while practicing communities of belonging. These, sometimes seen as unconventional, imposing and disruptive methods are actually the dismantling of unhealthy communities while laying the foundation for health transformation. These sessions will be facilitated by Bevali Mckenzie, who is a licensed holistic therapist, mindfulness instructor and a childcare practitioner. She is passionately committed to advancing social justice efforts through providing and maintaining anti-oppressive and culturally responsive practices within her holistic private practice and within the community. updating DISCLAIMER: THIS GROUP IS NOT ADVISED IF YOU ARE NOT OPEN-MINDED. WE WANT TO GROW TOGETHER AND LEARN FROM EACH OTHER. JOIN IF YOU WANT TO EXPOSE YOURSELF TO A PERSONAL GROWTH EXPERIENCE. ** YOU WILL BE SENT A ZOOM LINK 2 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT**https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/black-london-womens-voices-tickets-126513014833?aff=ebdssbonlinesearch Via Zoom Multiple dates available