Cycling Categories:

10 KM | 25 KM | 50 KM | 75 KM | 100 KM


Run/ride inside your home or outside as per your convenience and government guidelines on any one day from 15-24 Jan 2021 .
Run with App / Watch to track your run and submit data with proof on WhatsApp Number: 9982581451
Data can be submitted on a given link till 25 Jan 2021 by 11 AM.
Data submission is MANDATORY (Strictly No Exception allowed)
Once you finish your run, you have to click a screenshot of the app you are using to calculate your distance. You need to submit this screenshot as a proof of distance you covered on the WhatsApp number provided.
You can use any App Garmin, Strava, RunKeeper, Nike running, Runtastic or whichever app you are using for running on your mobile.

E- Certificate

Tickets are non-refundable & non-transferable.
Takeaways (Medal, E certificate, T-Shirt) will be delivered according to your selected ticket only.
The Certificate will be sent to you within the first week of the virtual run.
Due to the pandemic situation delivery services are taking time so please be patient. The medal will be delivered to you within 10-20 Days of the run.