National Air and Space museum of France is one of the leading aeronautical and space museums in the world due to its age and the richness of its collections. Founded in 1919, it presents an exceptional historical ensemble in the three fields of flight: aerostation, aviation and space. Through its rich collections, the Air and Space Museum retraces the human adventure of the pioneers of the 3rd dimension. It is now labelled “Musée de France”, under the supervision of the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

Located at Paris-Le Bourget airport, Europe’s leading business airport, the Air and Space Museum is also a site museum and a lively place, in direct contact with contemporary aeronautics. On this mythical site, the cradle of world aviation and the scene of many exploits, it offers visitors who travel through its tarmac, its halls and galleries, to live a real experience through the history of the aerospace conquest.

Design an immersive piece of art around space for the festival. As part of its second festival, Cercle wishes to showcase young artists, collectives and creators (architects, designers, sculptors, set designers, visual artists), by dedicating an area for space-related artistic expression, and providing a logistical and financial support.

The artistic installation must stimulate senses and spectators’ imagination.


The Cercle Festival 2021 is a 100% cashless event!

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