Clevenard Open Project proudly presents a trio of dynamic events in the realm of Nigerian Digital Marketing. Prepare for an illuminating seminar, a captivating exhibition, and unparalleled opportunities to connect with the diaspora, spanning the bustling city of Abuja (FCT), on July 26, 2024.

Under the banner of "Clevenard Open Project Seminar: Empowering Minds, Shaping the Future of Information Dissemination and Digital Marketing," we extend a cordial invitation to immerse yourselves in the forefront of innovation and growth.

Abuja Event:

Venue: Centenary Hall, Ibeto Hotels

Address: No 34 David Ejoor Crescent, Appo Gudu District, Abuja (FCT), Nigeria.

Telephone: 07065798031

This communication serves as a beacon to all Clevenard friends globally: anticipate the possibility of our initiative gracing your country with its transformative presence.

About Clevenard: is a social networking platform offering various services, including news, entertainment, business opportunities, and tourism information. It is tailored primarily towards African, Latino American, European, Asian, and North American communities, as well as the African diaspora. aims to connect people through shared interests and cultural backgrounds, fostering a sense of community and providing a space for users to share content, network, and engage in discussions. Remember, Clevenard strictly prohibits hate speech against governments, organizations, and individuals.

Key Features of

    • News and Information: The site provides up-to-date news, focusing on African countries and issues affecting the African diaspora.
    • Business Opportunities: promotes business networking and opportunities, enabling users to find and share business information, job opportunities, and entrepreneurial advice.
    • Entertainment: The platform offers various forms of entertainment, including music, videos, and articles related to African culture and entertainment.
    • Tourism: Users can find and share information about travel destinations, cultural experiences, and tourism opportunities within Africa and beyond.
    • Events: Users can find and promote events, including cultural festivals, business conferences, and community gatherings.
    • Social Networking: Users can create profiles, share posts, and connect with others, similar to mainstream social media platforms.

    User Demographics: primarily serves:

    African Communities: Both within the continent and the diaspora.
    Latino Americans: Individuals interested in connecting with African culture and diaspora.
    Europeans: Users who appreciate African culture and seek networking opportunities.
    Asians: Those engaged in cross-cultural interactions and business opportunities.
    North Americans: People interested in African culture and diaspora.

    Benefits for Users:

    • Networking: A platform to connect with individuals and organizations with shared interests or professional goals.
    • Cultural Engagement: Access to content that promotes and celebrates African culture and heritage.
    • Business Development: Opportunities to promote businesses, find partners, and discover new markets.
    • Tourism: Discover travel destinations, share experiences, and plan trips with insights from other users.
    • News Access: Stay informed about important news and events related to African communities globally.

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