Under the banner of "Clevenard Open Project Seminar: Empowering Minds, Shaping the Future of Information Dissemination and Digital Marketing," we extend a cordial invitation to immerse yourselves in the forefront of innovation and growth.

Clevenard Open Project, in collaboration with all Esan local government council chairmen and the Enigie in Esan land, through the office of the Onogie of Igueben and Okaigun of Esan land, HRH Ehizogie Eluojierior I, JP, presents a three-day seminar with the theme Digital Awareness and Marketing Seminar: Creating Awareness on Esan Cultural Heritage, Markets, and Businesses Globally.

This event will span three days and aims to showcase Esan tradition and culture while providing valuable insights into digital marketing. Additionally, there will be an exhibition of cultural and agricultural produce, highlighting investment and tourism opportunities in Esan land. This event is crucial to the local economy and will showcase the vast possibilities in Esan land to the world. It is designed to help Esan land and its people transition their businesses from local to international markets.

Event Details:

Thursday, 15th August, Friday, 16th August, and Saturday, 17th August, 2024
Igueben Town Hall, Igueben Edo State, Nigeria
10:00 AM prompt

Join us for this enriching experience that blends tradition with modern marketing strategies, aiming to elevate the global presence of Esan's cultural heritage and business potential. This event is an opportunity to boost the local economy and present Esan land’s diverse opportunities to a global audience.

This communication serves as a beacon to all Clevenard friends globally: anticipate the possibility of our initiative gracing your country with its transformative presence.

For more information, please contact:

Franca Idemudia
0806 035 3790

Thank you for your attentive anticipation.

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