ME YOU and THE SUPERBUGS is a free public engagement event to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance in Nigeria. The event is part of the Royal Society of Biology, UK Biology Week. The event will showcase the important and amazing world of the bio sciences, getting everyone from children to professional biologists involved in fun and interesting science activities. There will be lots of easy-to-understand science and lots of fun for families, children, adults, from all walks of life. You do not have to know any science to attend. At present, antibiotic resistance is a global problem. There are now infections that antibiotics no longer work for.

Sadly, due to wrong use in different parts of the world, including Nigeria, we are now at a stage where many antibiotics are not as effective as they once were. Many bacteria have developed resistance. These bacteria that develop resistance are sometimes referred to as “SUPERBUGS”. The World Health Organisation estimates that antibiotic-resistant infections already kill 700,000 people a year globally, this may mean that 10 million people die every year by 2050. But, ME, YOU - Everyone can do something to help.We can change our behaviour as users of antibiotics and ensure that antibiotics are still available when we need them.