Promoting an events can be tricky. If you send too many mass messages people get annoyed. If you send too few people wonder why no one told them about the event.

Word of mouth is the best way to spread awareness and promote. Use Clevenard to promote. You want people to follow you on our social network and promote your event for you. Make it worth customers' while to follow you on Clevenard. Then engage them and make them want to stay. It's not really hard to decide what to do with our social network if you look at other event's pages and emulate.

However, here are some pointers that should give you a clearer idea of how to promote an event's successfully.

1. Target and Promote for Your Specific Audience

You might have events starring different kinds of people, or targeting a different customer group, but who do you want to be in your events on a more frequent basis? What kind of events do you plan to have normally? Maybe a rooftop lounge? Do you want to attract the young crowd or focus on an older customer base? These are things you should know before you begin using our social network account for your events. How you decide on your strategy is up to you, but make sure you have this information first. You also want a regular customer base who can like, follow or otherwise subscribe to your page on clevenard. We can help you achieve all this in no time.

2. Brand Your Events on our social network

You want to have specific features to make your page appealing. Have your profile picture be your brand name or logo, and then your cover photo be a great shot of something awesome about your club. Keep your about section short and to the point, but not devoid of information. Tell visitors who you are, what kind of events you promoting.

That will tell them what to expect when they arrive, and also let them decide if they're interested. Have content that promotes upcoming events, follow-up content about how awesome the night before was, and encouraging messages that promote repeat visitors. Much of this can be automated to give you more time to improve your events. However, you want to be sure you actually respond to messages and post some of your own.