My name is A Osindero I am the Chief Executive officer of Clevenard Global International Limited (Nigeria) and Clevenard Limited (United Kingdom).

Clevenard Global International Limited is a registered company under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) RC 487772 and is a Registered Company in the United Kingdom under the Name Clevenard Limited, Company registration number: 8301095.

Clevenard is a social platform that targets nearby businesses & people, informing them of your products, services, and events daily. Within minutes you can start attracting new customers to your business or venue.

Why as a company we decided going into social media is to enable businesses to get exposure, traffic and gain market insights.

As a company, we use to export farm food products from Africa to the United Kingdom when the company's name was still Clevenard Farm Foods Limited.

The biggest problem we faced then was how to get people to buy our imported farm products like Clevenard Ofada Rice, Clevenard Beans, Clevenard Moringa, etc.

So we decided to use social media platforms to promote our imported farm products from Africa, We ended up spending a lot of money each day but no result.

We found out we Africans are stronger being on the same platform than spreading across western social platforms. because we have our ways of presenting our products and services which is against the terms and conditions of some western social platforms.

The European businessman and women friends and family of Clevenard themselves are looking for a way to understand African products and services without having any complications. And requesting a platform like Clevenard Marketers to open the door into Africa and Africans in Diaspora businesses.

Africans are also looking to get their products and services into the western market.

For example,

1, when you post an advert on some social media platforms you can't get 100% of people in need of your product or services because we Africans are mostly connected to our history and culture so we create our little communities wherever we go, which end up limiting our growth as a people.

2, We Africans create our Flyers with a lot of text and images but the westerners only add one-line text with an animation image. This is not about being racist it's about their ways of doing things and our ways of seeing things.

3, We visited a lot of African small and big food shops in London to please accept our product in their shops and they agreed but on credit. Which in the end led to a total loss of both my products and money.

Then we started to rethink our marketing strategy, where did we go wrong what exactly we not doing right ?.

1, We found out, we are not the only African company in the diaspora that has the problem of selling African products or services, which is a general problem for Africans in the Diaspora.

2, We found out African countries and Africans in Diaspora use social media to stay connected with friends and family and to discover what's going on in the world, and share and express what matters to them. Because most of the platform policy does not work with the ways we Africans present our adverts and promotions and we have not been taken seriously.

3, We found out African communities in Diaspora are spread across the world and we do not have any business or marketing social platform in Africa or Diaspora.

Without a single platform with can't tell our own stories or sell our own products or services not to talk of having a voice in Diaspora when it comes to the commonwealth.

That is why we came up with an approach where companies working in Africa and Diaspora can overcome the business challenges they face and drive cross-sector growth for the benefit of all.

Note: Clevenard Marketers platform are not created to discriminate against the western social media platforms, it is created to complete with then and open up Africa and Africans in the diaspora products and services to the western world. Clevenard is simply a win-win business platform.

The aim is to deliver a unique one-stop advice service platform, connecting clients to the best business services available at home and in the Diaspora.

I hope you now know why we came up with the idea of creating Clevenard Marketing social platform and why Africa and Africans need their own internet Social Media and a Business platform like Clevenard*+

Some of the shopping services online today are ignoring the African market despite the internet growth of over 10 815% from 2000 to 2020 compared to the rest of the world's 88%. It is time for Africans to build their platforms.

Under a social platform help page, "it" has "the" title "Set Up Requirements for Shopping". Immediately below the page title is the caveat, "This feature is currently available to approved businesses in these markets." There is no room for misconstruing what follows: if your country is not part of "these markets", find a new page to look at. You cannot do business.

The real question is who constitutes "these markets"? Another help page gives a list of the markets and it is easier to answer the above question in the negative.

Who does not make the list? All African countries south of the Sahara except South Africa. There is another warning to put the matter beyond doubt, "If your business account is not in an available market, you may lose the ability to tag products."

(an e-commerce platform for shopping service), have consistently favored a narrative claiming that shopping has gone "global". In March 2018, an excitable one made a press release announcing the expansion of Shopping to the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Brazil. Despite it being a predominantly Western expansion, they said, "This strategic expansion unlocks potential for one merchant to sell to the other users all over the world." Africa is not a part of their world. Africa is meant to remain a market and not a business partner. Despite this relationship's asymmetry, Africans are still clamoring to Western social media sites and consuming instead of producing.

In countries where Shopping online is available, business-people can put product tags on their products and potential customers simply tap on the product and are taken to a page showing an image of the product from the post, a description of the product, its cost and a link that takes them directly to the seller's website for purchase. In the United States, customers can now checkout within some platforms. Product tags, product stickers, and now product checkouts are, therefore, unavailable in much of African countries.

The problem is probably that providing these services to African countries holds little business promise for some social platforms. It might also be that an internal business strategy is simply not allowing the company to aggressively court the African market despite its potential. Whatever the case, African countries and businesses should not remain at the mercy of foreign business strategies. The continent's businesses are losing agency in our own enterprises because of this reliance on Western companies. It is time to start thinking really hard about developing and supporting home-grown platforms that will cater to African social needs and economic needs Like Clevenard we are ready to make Africans proud.