Is peodophillia a criminal offence or a mental sickness?

Is peodophillia a criminal offence or a mental sickness?

Is pedophilia a criminal offense or a mental sickness?

What is paedophilia? some claim it is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to underaged children.

This is very prevalent in many countries but more so in many developing countries where adequate laws are not available to protect the victims. Sex tourism is the order of the day and children, mostly girls are victims. In fact the saying goes in some countries that 'the younger, the better'.

It is also believed that a lot of diasporans travel to developing countries to perform the act as they can easily be caught in their home countries.

Some even claim it's a sexual orientation like being straight or gay.

Another belief is that it is a criminal offense and the perpetrators need to be dealt with a severe jail sentence. It is to this third definition I lean as I believe the ability to control ourselves lies within although some don't understand the meaning of self-control.

For someone to be attracted to a young girl cannot be a mental illness. You saw and could easily turn your eyes away is my assertion.

It is child abuse and it should be called so.

One thing is sure, an abused person can also become an abuser. Many may have been abused when young and prey on children in return.

Whatever we think of this hideous crime, it is very prevalent in the poor countries as children can easily be attracted with money or gifts.

What are the telltale signs that your little darlings may have been abused?

  1. Your child becomes secretive
  2. No longer wants to undress in your presence
  3. Likes to spend too long on uncle's lap
  4. 'uncle' likes to give your child frequent rides in his car
  5. 'uncle' likes to help out or babysit when you're unavailable

Strangers who are overly protective of your children are suspects

Protect your children

  1. Check your child's room regularly for unusual gifts
  2. Teach them about 'greek gifts'
  3. Be involved in your child's life
  4. Speak to your child regularly and teach them life lessons
  5. If your child tells you things, don't dismiss them as rubbish talk
  6. Any inappropriate touching or hugging should be challenged

I've listened to many tales of reports of family member's abuse by a child or young adult and the reporter has been castigated and silenced for the abuse to continue unchallenged.

Look out for signs of unnecessary concerns for children and don't dismiss your gut feeling if an adult behaves suspiciously around you and your children.

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