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A man's gift will make room for Him

A man's gift will make room for Him

A man's gift will make room for Him.... Proverbs 18:16.

This scripture applies to you regardless of being a man or a woman.

There is a gift in everyone, have you discovered yours? The problem is, many have discovered the gift but don't see how it can enhance their lives so the gift has not been cultivated or find expression. It may have found expression but does not appeal to everyone.

You see, you have not been sent to the whole world but to a niche of people who will benefit from that gift because you do things in a particular way.

That gift will help you fulfill your vision in life, no matter how long it takes. The world is waiting for that expression of your gift. Pray that you will be discovered by someone who will help you magnify that gift.

Education is necessary in life but it is not necessary for you to be successful in life. Many have gotten education but their real self and real gift have been suppressed as they were busy pursuing a salaried life.

Don't get me wrong, money is important but most times we sacrifice our God-given talent for money which provides no fulfillment.

A lot of depression these days is attributed to people living other people's lives and want to be someone else.

Find your gift and live a happier you.

The second part of that scripture says 'it will bring you before great men'.

Exercise your gift and the world will not only recognise you by making room for you, but the world will also pay you for it. It is a matter of time.

As a christian, have you been praying for God to show you your gift?

God told Moses to use the rod in his hands. The Rod was his authority. There is an area of life where you are also an authority.

Prayer is important but there is also a time to apply what we have in our hands.

When will you stop praying and start connecting yourself with opportunities that come across your way? Those opportunities may not immediately reward you but as you stay and persist in the cause, the reward will come.

Your gift is your key to success and it will make room for you before great men!

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