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Have you guys ever had friends from either childhood or maybe more recently, that you thought they were or are your BFF (Best friend Forever) But from time to time, you notice that their behaviour towards you is steeped in jealousy or becomes erratic and controlling.

This happened to me quite recently when I gave my life to Christ and became a ’born again’ Christian.
I had been having vivid dreams; practically every night I saw myself being literally intertwined with an overpowering being. This being, looked like one of my childhood friends in the home she grew up in.

This ‘confuzzled’ me (confused and puzzled), so I went into prayer and worship and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what this meant. I received word of knowledge from the Holy spirit that my soul was tied to an evil altar owned by my friend’s family.

A Soul tie is an evil connection at spiritual level, between yourself and another person, spirit, demon, altars, and deities.

It can also be formed through purchasing or receiving defiled items as gifts. Like books, jewellery, ornaments…practically anything with an evil intent.

When someone’s soul is tied to an evil altar, it allows the custodian of that altar to send evil spirits against the soul of the person bound and to reroute their predestined purpose.

On reflection, I then realised that my intelligence, knowledge, and opportunities had been sapped and re-assigned to another, throughout my entire primary and secondary education.

I then asked the Lord to redeem my soul with his blood and break these soul ties.
A Soul mate is someone who has good intentions for you, your purpose, and your destiny. A soul mate can either be your friend, family, teacher, or your spouse.

A soulmate is someone who is tolerant, patient, and engages with you, with no strings attached. They are people who give great advice, encouragement, help fulfil your passion, ambition, or destiny, and not looking at what they can benefit from or get recognition from.

These are people that you can be comfortable in their presence and agree to disagree on various issues whilst learning and using their knowledge and experience to your advantage.

In life, God sends everyone a scaffolding, destiny Helper. They are your silent Cheerleader.

Soulmates are not people who will blackmail you through extortion. For example, constantly remarking and reminding you of how much they helped you become successful; even going so far to ask for credit in writing you a job reference or paying your transport to ‘that’ job interview.

I find it good practice to break soul ties daily with everyone I had a conversation with (even family), because you don’t want to be caught being wrongly aligned.

If you or your family has an evil altar, you will need to release all souls attached to these altars including yours; confess, repent, and take the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour. If you are not aware, please seek advise from the Holy spirit through prayer.


‘Lord Jesus, please remove all ties to my soul attached to (name of the person); for it is my desire to be holy and separated to you alone, Father, Son and Holy spirit; Amen

Written by:
Caroline Smith
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United Kingdom 

This is a great opportunity for those of us who don't know. We learn everyday.


Wow this is indeed an eye opener. Many of us wonder why we are at a stand still in our lives. Nothing seems to work for us.