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Africa is one of the blessed continents with rich resources yet faced with numerous problems and continuous challenges. The problems of Africa can be traced from the era of slave trade when both natural and Human Resources were reaped off the continent for a period over hundred years.

The gloomy era was proceeded by colonialism which dangers totally outweighed it benefits in the continent.
One could considered it as one of the many reasons why the Africa continent is still lagging behind especially when it comes to Sustainable Development.

Colonialism* has been considered by many scholars that it has caused many African States to be classified as developing countries. During this period, Africans had no voice in their various countries. Essentially, the continent was divided and governed by different European powers with diverse socio- Economic and political policies.

From the early 15th century, to the late, the continent witnessed a phase of decolonization which coincided with the Cold War. The push and pull between the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist (USSR) made non alignment difficult of not impossible. These challenges made it difficult to established strong policies or maintained political stability that will geared towards sustainable Development.

Also *Corruption * has been considered as one of the reasons why African is still lagging behind.
Africa is yet to fully developed as a result of Corrupt politicians. Corruption has been the order of the day in many African countries which political leaders cannot tackle with strong anti-Corruption laws.

Lack of Political will to handle most of these laws could also be seen as one of the many reasons why Africa or third world countries are still lagging behind.

Many social commentators will agree with me that Weak Institutions has also been considered as one of the reasons as a result of political interference with regards to the operations of these independent institutions. For example the Three arms of government ie; Legislature , Executive and that of the Judiciary there should be nexus between them.

Also to note that leadership problem could also be seen as one vital reason why the continent of Africa is still lagging behind when it comes to Sustainable Development. Political leaders do tend to overstayed in Power especially manipulating the constitution as a result it’s a recipe for conflict, and when there is conflict then sustainable development can’t be achieved.

However, the continent of Africa can only be achieved When there is strong policies to change the narrative of the aforementioned...

Written by:
Karim Wise Baio
Sierra Leone 

Yes to some extent I would say because it has to change...

Many thanks for your kind sentiments as well!


Well done for your article, hope you are playing your part to change the narrative!