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Yoruba Nation Global Directorate: Yoruba Women A Call To Build 
A Nation

Yoruba Nation Global Directorate: Yoruba Women A Call To Build 
A Nation

Good afternoon everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here. I acknowledge the presence of our great and dearest loving father, Professor Akintoye and to thank him for his selflessness towards the self determination of the Yoruba people.

Introducing myself, my name is Buky Taiwo, popularly know as Sister Buky. I am British born, however by origin born by a proud Yoruba father and mother.

I arrived and lived in space called Nigeria over number of year, those years being from the 70’s to the 80’s. I witnessed the scourge of poverty and the abominable standards of living. That was then in the 70’s and 80’s and believe or not the situation has worsened and still continues to take life
on a daily basis. It’s for this reason I am a strong advocate for the freedom the yoruba people and a leading team member of movement YORUBA NATION NOW known as YNN.

The Grassroots campaign movement of the YORUBA people is far reaching and spreading at a rapid pace thanks to the joint collaboration of all the Yoruba groups. This is a wonderful development which we should all give ourselves credit for. However we are lacking the full presence and vocal contributions of our women playing a vital leading role in our grassroots campaigns, there are only but a few. We need to see our women in their thousands and millions playing and leading role and laying the foundations for our Nation’s Building. As the saying goes “if there is no neck the head cannot turn”.

All here present, could you all permit me to be more specific in the roles women need to start laying the foundations for and addressing these issues during any grassroots campaign so that when we eventually achieve our Yoruba Nation these key areas will be actioned into law.

1. The Family

As part of our grassroots campaign and awareness, Yoruba women need to gather together and table issues relating to the family structure, how are yoruba women going to start installing yoruba cultural values within their children/homes, the furtherance of the yoruba language at home and in our schools. 

What are the issues women face within their homes with their husbands and their children and most importantly the total wellbeing and stability of the woman herself. She needs the stability to run a tight ship.

2. The Girl Child

How are we, the strong yoruba women going to address the development of our future women who could be our leaders for tomorrow. How are we going to change the narrative? The position of the girl child within the home. Her status within the home must be the equal to those of sibling brothers.

3. Healthcare

Yoruba Women need to come together to discuss healthcare in the areas of childbirth, women hygiene, sex education (should this be taught in our schools and made compulsory to be taught at home), the promotion of traditional child bearing methods in collaboration with western child bearing methods, should these be enacted within our laws? Yoruba Women need to table these issues amongst themselves and others.

4. Laws Against Abuse of Women

Because of the space we are currently living in women rights are constantly being abused on daily basis. Women are being subjugated and exploited. Living in the current space called Nigeria a women is asked to expose herself before she is given a job/contracts or if studying in higher education in order to pass an exam. They need to know what laws and punishment that would be put in place for rape, to include the the aftercare having experiencing such tumours, these systems need to be discussed. Should such an horrific event take place with the family how is the woman positioned to take care of that child’s distress within the home?

5. Women In Power

What leading roles/position will women play in our the new Yoruba Nation governmental structures? Will it be 20-50, 30-50 or

50 -50. We need to know the leaders amongst us. Let’s come together and table this with others so there is a clear and concise understanding. If its the 50 -50 option then how would the yoruba woman balance her role play with being in office as opposed to running her home. What systems would be in place for her so that she can fully effective in holding her 50 - 50 status?

My father Professor Akintoye, my brother, my sisters and all my loved ones I shall end now as I feel I have taken much of your time. These are my thoughts and advice and I do hope through Yoruba Nation Now (YNN) our call on yoruba women to build our nation has been effective. GOD Bless you all and GOD Bless Yoruba Nation Now.

Thank you.

If You have any question please feel free
to ask.
Yoruba Nation Gobal Directorate - Yoruba Women A Call To Build A Nation

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©️ Buky Taiwo 2021| Public Relations Officer | Yoruba Nation Now | All Rights Reserved.
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