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The reality of how victims of domestic violence are treated by the police in England PART 2

The reality of how victims of domestic violence are treated by the police in England PART 2

My name is Brenda Caesar Conteh. I am a mother of three gorgeous kids. I am an Accountant by profession but my passion to help others have made me sacrificed my time, money and energy in sensitising the public about sensitive issues such as miscarriage of justice, police abuse and institutionalised racism to name but a few arears I talk and write on. I do this mainly by writing books, going live on social media platforms, and talking on so many platforms such as Clevenard. I have spoken about domestic violence and the abuse victims face when they call them to report such abuse.

Gladys went to the police for help because her husband choked her. She said that her husband was sleeping when he got up and went towards her and choked her. She then took her husband’s hands off her neck with little or no resistance. What baffled Gladys the most was because her husband just smiled when she asked him why he tried to choke her.

Gladys went to report at Wembley station. According to Gladys the first set of police officers were very helpful. The Police patiently took down Gladys statement and assured her that the police would do their uttermost best to protect her.

Gladys went home trusting the police that she was protected. Later that evening Glady’s Aunty called and asked about what was going on in her home as they claimed they got the news that her husband was in police custody. THIS IS AFRICAN PEOPLE FOR YOU. INSTEAD OF THEM PROTECTING GLADYS THEY PLEADED THAT SHE SHOULD WITHDRAW THE CASE AS IT WOULD LOOK BAD ON HER. In a typical African home woman should take all kinds of abuse and never report their husbands to the police.

Gladys eventually went to the police to withdraw the case. However, the police informed her that her husband was in the hands of police from another branch and that they would only give out that information. Again, TYPICAL AFRICAN CULTURE THE FAMILY BEGGED GLADYS TO GO TO THE OTHER STATION (COLINDALE POLICE STATION) TO GO AND FIND OUT WHAT ECXACTLY WAS GOING ON WITH HER HUSBAND.

On the way to the other police station Gladys aunty called the husband on his mobile. Everyone was shocked to hear Glady’s husband answer and was bragging that his wife was a liar and that no police in England would arrest him. Gladys was left shaking like a leaf as she was now at the mercy of her husband. What I found very troubling as Gladys was narrating her story was how could the police just release the husband from police custody without even having the decency to inform Gladys that they were dropping the case because of lack of evidence friends and families this is the reality of what is happening as opposed to what the metropolitan police are advertising almost every day on the TV channel and other social media platforms.

Then came the horrifying experience most women go through in the hands of the police they run to for protection against abusive husband or partners. When the husband came home, he became more abusive to poor Gladys as by now he thought he was above the Law. Poor Gladys was now exposed to increased level of abuse and her life was now at risk of being seriously harmed or killed by her husband.

As the beatings and emotional abuse continues Gladys would always call the police who would come in their numbers but instead of protecting Gladys, they would protect the abusive husband and call Gladys the names her husband was saying like she was mad, a witch etc. Can you imagine that this is the ordeal of most women especially women from the minority who run to the police for help against abusive husbands.

Part three would go into depth about how they police now started abusing her and even had the audacity to take Gladys to the mental home twice.

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Written by:
Brenda Caesar Conteh
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