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FROM THE CHAMBER OF THE NOAH’S ARK - Comrade Dr. Victor Olu Taiwo (Oodua Alliance) Part 2

FROM THE CHAMBER OF THE NOAH’S ARK - Comrade Dr. Victor Olu Taiwo (Oodua Alliance) Part 2



Greetings to all in the name of God, Oduduwa and all members at home.

This is my second release in the series today being Monday 23 March, 2020.

1. Appreciation:

Let me begin this exercise with the expression of my gratitude to all for your deep interest and commitment to the ideals of this organisation vis-a-vis Yoruba land.

2. Responses to questions:

I have noted some questions raised by some of us here which I am at hand to respond to now.

a. Where is our flag?

The flag will be seen in our website which is already in an advanced stage.

b. How and when can we begin to make financial subscription?

Two ways. 1. We are launching an internet modality known as Go-fund-me. But prior to that, we need to meet some terms like the corporate registration, opening of website and opening of dedicated bank account the processes of which are in advanced stages. 2. Pending the completion of the processes, my personal account has always harboured all subscriptions. And so the account details will be transmitted on donor's request.

Then let me be quick to say that whether option 1 or 2, the line is already open for subscription which will be formally acknowledged, receipt and put in record.

Let me say, with all gratitude that some of you would not wait as they have put some remittances across. I say many thanks to the people.

3. Why can't we (ORA) join forces with other self-determination groups like the one already collecting money in the USA!

As I relayed in my video interview, I am the registrar of all Yoruba groups worldwide and so I have taken my time to study the chemistry of each organisation. And so I can tell those who are genuine and fake. So, if any organisation claims any proficiency, ask the leader technical questions and ask about his achievements and antecedents so far. Simple.

Aside this, there is nowhere in the world where two organisations run a single revolution. It must crash with ego.

4. What are the action plans?

The action plans are divided into two:

a. Mass awareness.

This entails the following;

i. Massive publicity

ii. Public impression such as our agenda to hold a stadium-filled rally very soon for the purpose of carrying along the people we are liberating.

iii. Visiting all the leaders of thought in the home lands of Kwara, Kogi, Edo and delta states away from the six south west states so as to carry them along our agenda, etc.

iv. Diaspora mobilization: The Diaspora mobilisation is the cause for the efforts that bore this platform which is fast spreading across the world. Many thanks to you all patriots on board and especially those who have offered to act as our coordinators in various countries.

b. The real spin



Greetings to all in the house. Se alaafia ni gbogbo wa wa o.

This is my third release in the series today being Monday 30 March, 2020.

1. My remarks to postings:

Let me begin today's exercise by saying that I take my time to read every posting made by you patriots and I want to make my remarks to the significant ones there.

A. basically the beauty of any platform is the liveliness in it. That I am glad about the liveliness involved on the platform is an understatement. However, I want to plead that we limit our interactions to the focus of this organisation and treat one another with love and maturity devoid of insult heaping or deployment of abusive language enough to cause inflammation. We are all mature. I lie prostrate in my appeal please. And let us have it in mind that this platform is not the real battle field to do our liberation as the battle ground is in Nigeria, and you are not really the ones to do battle but only to inspire those of us on ground for it. Then let me assure you that we have already perfected our strategies, the best you can have in the world. So, do not let the strategies you are spinning on the platform cause crisis among you. I love you all.

b. Somebody has raised the issue of encouraging the use of our Yoruba language in our communications here. What a great idea it is but I can assure you that the day you enforce that here, the mover will be the only one left on the platform reason being that, you can't correct the damage of a century overnight. When we get to the Promised Land and we compel Yoruba language into the curricula of all levels of education from primary to the university without which they will not move to the next class or level, you will see the massive transformation. This is what we call holistic approach.

c. The same person has been so selfless and humane indeed as to care for the jobless youths at home. Thanks so much for this concern. Well let me submit that this effort is like looking for the horse's horns. In Nigeria today, put a banner out there requesting applications for 100 vacancies, and within 2 days you would have received 10 000. This is no exaggeration. In 2009 alone, statistics showed that 834 companies closed down in Nigeria while the governments can't pay the worker's salaries. So, what do you do to solve the job problem? Our great Yoruba leader Prof. Banji Akintoye has been burning with discomfort over this issue, but what can he do when he does not have the instrument of governance in his hands? Therefore, let me assure you that there is no solution to this until we have our Yoruba country where we have perfected our mode of governance as not only to make Awolowo's magic wand a mere child's play whereby we will not only give jobs to all at home but that all of you abroad will gladly return home. And we have the capacity to effect this liberation project within the next 365 days if.........if.......if......

d. I could see the hot debate on the seeming domination of the Ibos in our land. A party suggested organised violence while the other opted for ogbon (wisdom). This issue nearly caused a war in Nigeria a couple of years ago until god used me to quell the budding inferno. My intervention is contained in the popular write-up I am producing at the bottom of this release. Ogbon at the maximum level is our strategy which you can't understand now and which I can't divulge on this platform until we get to meet physically one day.

The title of the write up is: ANOTHER LOOMING CIVIL WAR IN NIGERIA: NIPPING THE CRISIS IN THE BUD. You will enjoy it.

2. My immense appreciation:

No efforts can ever be too much to establish one's credibility and integrity.

Sometime in 2004, I came to London to meet with the British authorities over our Yoruba project. Along the line, I accidentally stumbled on a Yoruba organization by name; Yoruba national movement under the leadership of Deacon Raphael Ajiboye. They gave me a very good reception and fantastic care. Along the line, they organised an inspiring conference in my honour where a sum of money was raised and s sum of N416, 950 by naira conversion was given to me for the struggle back home. On my return visit to the UK in 2006, I submitted the details of how the money was spent blow-by-blow to the organisation. And the list of all the donors is contained in my memoir which will be published at our landing at the berth and for future rewards. Any of you who come to Nigeria will see the book. This is Victor Taiwo for you otherwise called Mr. Integrity.

The essence of the above reference is to assure all that every money put into the vault of this organization is well invested as I assure you that my integrity is solidly intact.

At this juncture, I want to express my profuse gratitude to you patriots to whom I made underground supplication for subscriptions into the coffer of the organization to be able to meet N400k obligations of registering the organisation with Corporate Affairs Commission and getting our website done. And so, to those who obliged me in their own little or big ways, I say many thanks for believing in me and I assure you that you have done a wise man's investment. The list of the patriots is as follows:

1. Elder Bro. Otunba M. Wale Shadare (our respectable IC)

2. Mr Lekan Lawal

3. Mr Kazeem Adedeji

4. Dr Victor Abejide

5. Dr Wale Shadare

6. Mr Adekunle Adepoju

7. Mr Bashiru Okesola

8. Mr Abel Oluranti Atunramu

9. Mr Taiwo Attah

10. Mr Folarin Aina

11, Mrs Nike Afolayan and

12. Mr Joshua Efuwape.

And you will all testify to the fact that each person has been duly acknowledged, appreciated and receipt.

May God bless you all and may God provide for those itching to be part of the cause.

3. Our IC (International Coordinator):

Last week we announced the name of our International Coordinator in the person of Otunba Wale Shadare based on his track record of high experience and responsibility. Let me use this moment to assure you that we have gotten just the best material to give us a lift. And so I am thanking him for accepting the task of leadership to serve our dear Yoruba nation while I appeal to all to give him your maximum cooperation.

At this point I anchor for the week. Till we meet next week god willing, peace of the lord upon you all.

Victor Taiwo


Now enjoy the write-up on the Ibos matter.

Another looming civil war in Nigeria: Nipping the crisis in the bud


Victor Taiwo

Phone: 08055383733, 08126923916, 08025536305.

Email: victorolutaiwo**********

As an aftermath of the just conducted presidential election in Nigeria, the smoke that is fast gathering now is the notice to another civil war in Nigeria. The setting of the launch pad is Lagos state while the cast are the Yorubas and Igbos, and the thrust of the crisis was the choice between Muhammadu Buhari’s APC and Atiku Abubakar’s PDP. While the Igbos votes went for the PDP, the chunk of Yoruba votes was for APC.

The rationality for the choice of each people was connected to the vice president of each of the parties – while the APC featured a Yoruba man Yemi Osinbajo as its Vice President, the PDP paraded an Igbo man Peter Obi as its own Vice President.

As far as I am concerned, each of the two peoples was right in their respective choices. So if democracy is a matter of voluntary choice, why any brouhaha about the choice of anybody? But having not been convinced about the cause of the sudden gulf between the two peoples, I went into research to dig into the off-surface cause. And my discovery is that with the Igbos having the largest population of non-Yorubas in Lagos which is the heart of Yoruba land, the Yorubas expected some gesture of loyalty and reciprocity to the hospitable hosts by doing their biddings.

but conversely, the Igbos went a bit megalomaniac by boasting that they owe no loyalty to the Yorubas as Lagos is their right abode – perhaps an extension of Igbo land . Some even claimed that Lagos is no man’s land. And the display of xenophobia was launched by the Yorubas while the Igbos started threatening superior of brawn over the Yorubas right in their own land.

These are not all. For quite some time now, a young Yoruba compatriot in the name of Adeyinka grandson the leader of a London-based Yoruba self – determination organization known as Yoruba Youth for Freedom (YYF) has been unleashing acidic attacks on the Hausa/Fulanis and Igbo people with unbridled persistence and terrible vehemence. All these factors put together have stoked the fire emitting the smoke of violence which has the potential of resulting into inter-tribal holocaust between the Yorubas and Igbos whose situation ultimately the northerners can seize by the forelock to fuel, and before you know it, a state of emergency is announced in Lagos and another civil war has begun.

Just yesterday evening, I saw a video sent to me on social media portraying Asari Dokubo the leader of a Niger delta rebellion against the federal government many years ago fuming and belching about his resolve to mow down the Yorubas in the Niger delta region for fighting the Igbos while this morning I received another video of an unnamed highly enraged Igbo man boasting that they (the Igbos) would finish the Yorubas right in Lagos. With all these in place, what omen else do we need to know that fire is already on the mountain?

The above is the full analysis of the crisis. Now, my take.

The greatest challenge in the country as can be undertaken by anybody in the world is to quickly take a proactive measure to quell the brewing inferno right immediately without any condition, and the value of appreciation to such trouble-shooter may never be quantified.

But who, therefore, is that person naturally most imbued with such ability to undertake the task in the world? with all modesty and humility such that one can muster in the world, I raise my hand that I, Victor Taiwo, am the most qualified for the task, and I have resolved to dispose all at my command for this great task.

Who is Victor Taiwo?

According to an analyst writing about me, ‘Victor Taiwo is a mesmerizing writer of first-class rating, a prolific author of world-class stamp, a thinker of amazing depth, a visionary of insightful reckoning and a goal-bound freedom fighter of uncompromising trait but paradoxically averse to violence.

Yes, I am a Yoruba man with the highest degree of commitment to the liberation and supersonic uplift of Yoruba race whose record can only yet be matched by anybody in the world.

I am the founder and president of the first self-determination group ever known to the record in Yoruba land nay Nigeria – Oodua Redemption Alliance (7 April 1994).

I am the convener and the first Secretary-General of the first ever coalition of Yoruba groups worldwide otherwise known as Apapo Omo Oodua (12July, 1998).

I am the initiator and a co-founder of Yoruba Council of Elders (2000)

I am also the founder and Chairman/Central Coordinator of the coalition of Southern Nigeria regional fronts comprising the frontline self-determination groups in the south-west, south-east and south-south.

As a writer and ideologist, I am a proponent of peace at local, national and global levels with three great books out of the eighteen (18) titles of international and academic standard to my credit all dedicated to peace and human development namely;

1. World Terrorism, Diagnosis and Path to Global Peace (published in 2014).

2. Let Us Make This World A Better Place: Prophet Muhammad Not Connected To Islamic Terrorism: A New Impeccable Revelation (about to be published).

3. A Treatise for Peace in a Multi-Religious State (about to be published). From the above reflection, I may seem to be wearing a double faceted garb - a freedom fighter of uncompromising trait and a champion of global peace.

Dear reader, there is no contradiction please. While I am an uncompromising fighter for freedom, my instrument or logic of achieving the feat is not found in violence or blood-letting but rather in the maxim of the Chinese which says; ‘the best fighter is one who defeats his enemies without raising a hand’.

Essentially, I am an intellectual fighter rather than violent fighter. This is why I will do anything to actualize my aims with intelligence rather than through blood-letting combat.

Now coming back to the base, here are my analyses and positions.

1. When the British came to colonise Nigerians, they came and merged quite different peoples with differing cultures and backgrounds solely for their selfish reason without a tinge of regard for our compatibility or not. all the confession to this effect was made by the agent-in-chief of the British namely lord Fredrick Lugard as reflected in his book entitled ‘the British dual mandate in tropical Africa viz. 'no European power was in Africa for purely altruistic motives and one side of the dual mandate which Britain and the other colonial powers had undertaken in Africa was apt to succeed at the expense of the other. The Europeans’ desire to exploit African trade and resources was apt to be a stronger force than the feeling of obligation to help the African people to advance’

So when the merger of the southern Nigeria comprising the current regions of south-west, south-east and south-south was enforced with the northern region comprising the current regions of north-west, north-east and north-central the idea was vehemently contested by the south but the agitation was repelled by the British for the obviously stated reason.

Since then, there have been crises of disunity and ethnic disharmony and suspicions among the various ethnic groups until the first civil war broke out. And after the civil war, have there been peace, trust and progress among the various ethnic groups in the country ever since up to now that the Fulanis are now on rampage to take over Nigeria as an extension of their fatherland despite that their forebear only trekked down to the shores of Nigeria from Futa Jalon, Guinea in 1804?

Now, the revelation I had in 1994 which informed my founding of a Yoruba liberation organization was the conviction that not until Nigeria dissolves into compatible units, the country will never know peace and progress, not even when angels descend from heaven to rule Nigeria. Today I am vindicated. The country has continually and consistently been nose-diving into the abyss of extinction on steady basis, moving from fry-pan to fire as the years roll by.

Now as things are, the Igbos have never ceased to agitate for their Biafra Republic while the Yorubas too are singing the song Oodua Republic.

Shouldn’t the entire southern Nigeria; south-west, south-east and south-south see themselves as one family of the old southern Nigeria? Why should there be any campaign of hate among them? Essentially those who are fanning the embers of discord among the southerners are only intellectually and strategically barren.

2. The enraged unnamed Igbo man spitting fire on the video referred to above had concentrated most of his harangues on Adeyinka grandson the leader of the Yoruba youths for freedom, and I can bet it, the young man’s head would be off his shoulders should grandson make himself available to the Igbos today. My comment on grandson is that he has all the right to do his battle and he has gotten the gut and zeal in his social media battle. But while I would not be out to condemn him outright in his general agitation, I want to however submit with all honesty and purposefulness that his agitation lacks tactics, strategy and desirable intellect. I have psyched him up as a junior colleague in the struggle and so I can submit this authoritatively. His persistent and obvious hatred for the Igbos is just uncalled for. Even if some Igbos are offensive in their utterances and actions, two wrongs, they say, don’t make a right.

The point is must we have enemies at all frontiers? For instance, it is only my memoir billed for future publication that will reveal how I have been able to save this country a holocaustic war along the line with my organization’s relationship with the south-east and south-south fronts.

3. On Asari Dokunbo’s threat to the Yorubas, let me be quick to inform Dokubo that the history of the Yorubas is a great one in any battle both physical and intellectual. Never in history have the Yorubas been defeated in any wars. We have been valiant and we shall remain such valiant that all the threats of war in this world cannot scare the Yorubas. However, I appeal to all Yorubas worldwide to remain calm and intellectually mature as to play down all threats to war. As the adage goes “a wise man does not wrestle with a pig because the pig enjoys the dirty mud”. I know Dokubo very well. We have met on the field. in a message I made to him some two months ago, I was blunt to let him know he is not a liberation fighter for his Niger delta people at all but out only to make money from struggle. So on my honour, I do say that the Igbos and the Niger Delta people should not be pitched against the Yorubas under any circumstances and by any self-seeking person. We should rather see ourselves as brothers for life.

4. Now on a last note, let us re-visit the origin of this latest face-off - APC’s Buhari and PDP’s Atiku. Both of them are Fulanis whose kinsmen are killing our people to take our lands. As somebody recently said on a radio programme, ‘the choice between the two is like a choice between a killer and an armed robber. Which of the two criminals are good for us? According to him, ‘we are destined to be killed or robbed by either of them’.

So what is the hullabaloo over them that would cause division between the Igbos and Yorubas? Head or tail, the Fulanis win.

Whither the sense in the battle? Let us all sheath our swords for God’s sake and embrace one another.

I rest my case.

Written by:
Dr Victor Taiwo