There Will be no other Gifty Frazer.

ne and only. No matter your age. You can still fulfilled you dreams. No one is too old or young to achieve their dreams.

If you look at the noise of the market you will not buy fish.

If you are looking for everyone to like you then you're in a different world. Not everyone will be your cup of tea.

Be yourself and know who you're. Don't be people's pleaser. Put yourself number one and think you're the best.

Your background don't determine your success.

If you don't make it in life don't blame anyone. Blame yourself.

You don't have to look at the way you look, colour of your skin, how you speak, your

disability, where you comes from, your pronunciation or your education background to become successful.

Anyone can make it in life, if you try hard and discipline yourself. You have to take action and go for what you want. That dream job, business and so on. No ideas is too big or small.

Everyone has their own talent. The fingers are not the same. You can't be like me and I can be like you.

We are all different. No culture is bad or good. No religion is bad or good one. Once they are happy with it. Who are we to criticise other people. No one is perfect. We all have bad and good habits. So don't look down on other people. When they are less privileged.

You see today and you don't know tomorrow what will happen to you. That person you're looking down on will one day become president, celebrity or millionaire.

Respect young children because they are the future leaders of tomorrow.

When we become old they will be looking after us.

No condition is permanent. Learn to appreciate other people and celebrate them because when your time come, you will be celebrated as well I stand for love and peace.

Every one is talented and don't die with your dreams.

Achieve your full potential.

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