"Unbreakable" Our Journey with brittle bone condition. Breakable bone written in a book

"Unbreakable" Our Journey with brittle bone condition. Breakable bone written in a book

"Unbreakable" Our journey with brittle bone condition

Creating OI Awareness

I have written two books now and one of it is on brittle bone condition which is titled “Unbreakable” Our journey with brittle bone (OI) condition and the other is titled “Forgiveness Is Key” Your Inner Secret To A Healthy Life. As you can tell already, it our experience and life journey with this rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta aka brittle bone condition in Nigeria, how we had to contend with the beliefs, religion and

In my book, “Unbreakable” I have shared my first-hand experience as a mother with my amazing, gorgeous son Steven, born with brittle bone disease in Nigeria, West Africa, I also have shared about our incredible seventeen years of pain, shame, agony, abuse since having my son.

I have written this book to help raise awareness on a rare disease/condition and to help the world understand the importance of respecting, valuing, and accepting people living with OI/disability in our communities . We hope the message in this book will inspire you and keep you informed and give you a better understanding on what brittle bone is.

After writing our book “Unbreakable”, we have had opportunities on different platform, and events to speak on the subject, which is incredible, so more people are learning more about the condition.

Our desire and target are making this book an Amazon best sellers.

We need your help and support to achieving this next steps.

Our books are available on amazon on both paperback and kindle version and we would appreciate if you can click on the link below on the 8th of May 2021 and purchase your copies. By purchasing any of our book you are also helping an OI child’s life in Nigeria as part of the proceeds from the sale of the books will be going towards supporting OI kids in Nigeria. This figures will reflect yearly on our statement from our book sales.

We are delighted that the perfect timing to officially launch out this book 'Unbreakable' coincides with the international day of OI which is 6th of May of every year. Help us to raising OI awareness across the globe with this this amazing book.

Kindly, note the date towards our book Launch of Unbreakable. 8th May 2021 and don't forget to get your copy too. Help us to share this message and thank you all for your support in every way.



Pls purchase your copies on the 8th of May to help us achieve amazon bestseller


Forgiveness Is Key


Written by:
Tarela Aghanti
United Kingdom