Lost your job in the pandemic?

Lost your job in the pandemic?

Losing a job in a pandemic is not the end of the world, new opportunities will emerge.

This may be the best thing that has ever happened to you if you can spot the opportunity in the adversity. You see, there is always an opportunity in every adversity but we are blind to see it.

A lady lost her job, cried to her mentor. 'my bills will not be paid, I have rent, water, gas, food bills to pay, where do I start from, she asks?'

Her mentor said to her ' do you have an oven', she was shocked. 'Why do you ask'? He replied 'go home bake 2 dozen of those cookies you gave me, take them to your old workplace, and hand them out as samples'.

She thought the instruction was ridiculous but she obeyed, baked, and handed them out at old workplace. She received orders for 4 dozen. She delivered and was later requested to deliver 6 dozens the following week as word spread about her home-made cookies.

Making cookies could be your next business

A few weeks later she had to employ staff which eventually increased to 100 staff.

Months later, she visited her mentor and handed him a nice gift for $10000 and a thank you. (story curled from late Myles Munroe)
Hidden talent unleashed through negative adversity.

In this time of adversity, what gift, skill or talent do you have and yet to be realised?

What have you always enjoyed doing if you had the time?

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