My Sierra Leone Today.

My Sierra Leone Today.

The current political fight between the two main political parties in Sierra Leone has denied Sierra Leoneans much needed national services such as creating employments, providing cheap and affordable housing for low income families, providing quality education which is an important social tool for both national and personal development and for social change of level.

However, the just concluded Commission of Enquiry in which Sierra Leoneans saw the two biggest political parties fought legal battle in a quick-fixed court known as Commission of Enquiry with the main motive of scoring political goals against political opponents which is a pointer of political disunity and inter-political fighting using corruption as platform.

The disappointing factor about the just concluded Commission of Enquiry is that the outcome has not been made known to Sierra Leoneans and in particular the monies reclaimed from indicted persons has neither been disclosed to Sierra Leoneans and it intended national utilization on whose behalf they fought.

I am of the humble opinion that in a democratic state, the views of the electorates on national issues is particularly essential and as such should not be taken for granted. It is important to postulate here that in a democratic state, the voters have constitutional say on the day to day running of the state.

It is fundamental for the opinions of the electorates to be considered in the formulation of national policies and implementation of same. This is because the voters in all democracies are the principal agents on whose account the few privileged.

According to Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States of America, who defines democracy "as government of the people for the people and by the people." This is why the most important players in a democratic set-up are the electorates on whose palm the might of a country lies.

A superior friend of mine once said to me that" it is always better to teach a man how to fish than to give him fish." Drawing aspiration from the above, it's more economical and heathier to empowerment of the middle man power of any country using formal and non-formal education than to always spoon-feed with short leaved services. In essence empowering middle man power of Sierra Leone with creative skills mentality is particularly significant.

It is an undisputed fact that when two elephants fight, it is often the grass that suffers. In Sierra Leone, whenever the SLPP and the APC Parties fight often with the aim scoring political goal against each other, it is Sierra Leoneans who bears the brunt of their fight.

It is also undeniable fact that often when the two biggest elephants in this political space fight, they loose focus of their political mandate thus; fails to deliver on their campaign promises which in itself disadvantages Sierra Leoneans.

Oh God inspire the political leadership of my beautiful Sierra Leone to rule your people with the inward understanding that they will sure give account of their political stewardship on judgement day, and that they will go to you as they came into this world taking nothing with them.

"What can it profit a man if he gains the whole and looses his soul"?????????????

Written by:
Brima George Koroma
Sierra Leone