As a Motivational Speaker, a Radio and TV Presenter ❤

As a Motivational Speaker, a Radio and TV Presenter ❤

This is an example of unity, we are all sisters from an other mother.

Moe Collier is my Son's step mother. From the first day my son saw her with his dad, he said mum she is very kind and nice woman. I observed her and indeed moe have the heart of gold and always smiling.

Moe is a true step mum to my son Lloyd king.

She is also my best friend and we advise each other. Very supportive.

Her son Christian king

Is also my son. He is always looking up to his brother Lloyd as a big brother. My son Lloyd loves his younger brother Christian.

Moe and I are a good example of how to support and love each. No jealousy and love your neighbour ❤❤ well done Moe to you and me.

Congratulations to you and me. God bless us

❤❤ Be United and learn to celebrate each other. Unity is key, everyone has their own talents and unique in different ways. All figures are not the same. You can't be like me and I can't be like you.

❤Gifty Stand For Peace, love and Unity

I love you all. If you like to read or know more about love each other and unity.

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Rite wicks one love ❤

Written by:
Gifty Frazer
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