The significance of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ

The significance of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ died and resurrected by the power of God. His resurrection has given to us the covenant of long life in sound health which is part of our heritage in Christ since Jesus has conquered death for us.
Longevity is defined as the amount of time that someone or something lives.

Prov. 9:11 says; For thy days shall be multiplied and the years of thy life shall be increased. Some men of old in the bible are examples of Longevity.

  • Gen. 5:8- Seth lived 912years
  • Gen. 5:14- Canaan lived 910years
  • Gen. 5:11- Enos lived 905years
  • Gen. 5:20- Jared lived 962years
  • Gen. 5:23- Enoch lived 365years
  • Gen. 5:31- Lamech lived 777years
  • Gen. 9:29- Noah lived 950years
  • Gen. 5:27- Methuselah lived 969years.

They all lived a long life in sound health. There was no record of them falling sick or treating one sickness or the other. They had no virus infection. They were all in good health.
No surgery, no x-ray, no intensive care unit, no eye problem, no physiotherapy care.

No malaria, typhoid, headache, no yellow fever, cancer, or hypertension. They had no respiratory, digestive, reproductive, urinary, kidney, liver, or heart-related problems. All the organs of their bodies were functioning very well for such a long time. There was no stroke etc, in their time. Their bones were not bent. The Great Physician, the Lord that healeth was in their midst, Jehovah Rapha was administering healing to them per time.

They were all receiving direct prescription from God Almighty and His ministering angels. They were very strong and agile.

The Almighty God of heaven and earth was using their lives to pass a message across to us that the millennium reign of our Lord Jesus Christ is real.
Gen. 5:27 says; And all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred sixty and nine years. And he died.

Millennium is a Latin word for 1,000 years and it refers to a period when Christ will rule on earth and satan will be bound. Christ by His resurrection conquered death for humanity. By the death of Christ, death was conquered. We now have a new life that is certain and secured in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Written by:
Pastor Yinka Adegboye