Unbreakable. Our life journey with brittle bone condition

Unbreakable. Our life journey with brittle bone condition

"Unbreakable” Our life journey with brittle bone (OI) condition.

The incredible journey she shares with her son, where she has taken you into her world of experience with this rare bone condition which her son is born with, in her book, she has shared her first-hand experience as a mother with a child born with brittle bone disease in Nigeria, West Africa.

Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) is a genetic disorder that prevents the body from building strong bones. People with OI might have bones that break easily, so the condition is commonly called brittle bone disease; this bone disease is passed down through families and can also be inherited. It is caused by a defect in a gene that is supposed to make a substance called collagen. Collagen is a protein in your body that forms and strengthens bones during the fetus's development in the womb during pregnancy.

People have struggled so much with this word disease, it makes it sound infectious like the next person standing or sitting beside you can catch brittle bone but that is not the case, far from the truth, brittle bone is not an infection which makes it impossible for anyone to catch, it is a genetic condition, meaning, it is in the gene from birth, that is why I prefer to use the word condition instead of disease.

The kind of disease of the bone is determined by the particular genetic mutation and pattern of inheritance, which can vary from mild to serve where service can break any part of the bone as many times as possible due to the bone’s fragility.

What Are the Types of Brittle Bone Disease?
Type 1 OI. Type 1 OI is the mildest and most common form of brittle bone disease.
Type 2 OI. Type 2 OI is the most severe form of brittle bone disease, and it can be life-threatening.
Type 3 OI. Type 3 OI is also a severe form of brittle bone disease.
Type 4 OI. Osteogenesis imperfecta type IV is a moderate kind of osteogenesis imperfecta (OI; see this term). It is a genetic disorder characterized by increased bone fragility, low bone mass, and bone fracture susceptibility.

My son Steven was diagnosed with OI type III serve and people actually thought my son and my family were bewitched as such things like deformity and unknown illnesses were always thought to be and this is why i say people are so ignorant. A lot of families have actually been castrated for having a medical condition.

Steven, had constant fractures and have broken every part of his body that you can think off, sometimes he can have multiple fractures simultaneously, till date Steven has had over a hundred fracture that we have stopped counting, he has undergone four major corrective rodding surgeries on both legs, and he is still having zoledronic acid which I call bone juice to help strengthen his bones and four major corrective rodding surgeries which has helped his current state of body image.

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