Everything starts with our mind and thoughts: “where the mind goes, the man follows!” J.M
And this is way the focus is really important.
Don’t settle for anything less than focused thinking!
When you set up a goal for yourself, keep pressing towards it!
Even the Bible mentioned to “set your mind and keep focused habitually...” on the things that matter to you, that are important and gives value to your life!
We have to set our mind in the right direction before we can move in the right direction! Focus requires that we set our mind and keep it set on what is important at any given time.
Distractions, resistance and obstacles are abundant and they keep us away from being productive and fulfilled.
But with help( in my case from God) and some determination, we can focus!

Do you have any external help to support you in your journey?

Don’t be discouraged you if you find that you have allowed your priorities to get out of line - just refocus and get back on track! Be determined to finish what you start and give yourself to what you truly want to do!
Discipline is our friend not our enemy!
It may take time and effort but once you gain a measure of success, you will find life much easier and more fulfilling!

And If you need help with this and to stay on track and be persistent, if you need support on your journey in achieving your goals ,I am a life coach who helps people to get clarity in their life, remove obstacles and set goals and ways to achieve them.

Whether you know what is holding you back or not, I am here to help you discover what you can do in order for you to live the life you always wanted.

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Written by:
Bianca Petrovan