Domestic Violence and its impact on society 2

Domestic Violence and its impact on society 2

What are the impact of domestic violence on society?

There is an erroneous thinking that victims are the only ones affected by issues surrounding domestic violence. This is the not true. The whole family suffers though we may not immediately realise this as the effects can be everlasting. When one suffers, many suffer is an adage many people have not fully understood because we only think of self.

Violating your partner has profound effect on your children as you may be teaching them lowly 'never to trust adults in life'. May children who have witnessed abuse end u being abusers and the circle continues. 'The ways to solve disputes or control another human is through abuse'. No so friend, by abusing another it should you lack self-control. This virtue is completely lost in some cultures as it's easy to blame others including the devil for your actions.

Chronic health conditions have been linked to prolonged life of abuse. Take the case of Sarah who has been diagnosed with permanent hearing loss through untreated eardrum damage due to sustained slaps. Or should I mention the loss of pregnancies due to being pushed over the stairs by an angry man, most times for reasons too petty to mention. The list is endless.

Society at large suffers when significant members of the community are not able to play their role in society as they are constantly nursing wounds or going through one emotional trauma or other. The lies you have been fed psychologically by your abuser may have continued to sink in, making you less able to advance in life.

Economically the whole society suffers from the harrowing effects of loss of work, inabilities to attend to business, healthcare, raising of dysfunctional children, psychiatric problems, unnecessary deaths.

If you know an abuser, plead with them to seek help. If you know a victim, encourage them to seek help. In UK, numerous initiatives are being taken to address issues.

What help exists in your area, please contribute below if you know of any resources available to victims or how this pandemic can be stopped. Domestic Violence is a crime, report it.

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