YORÙBÁ, Back to the beginning

YORÙBÁ, Back to the beginning

Tí iwájú kò bá ṣeé lọ ẹ̀yìn á ṣe é padà sí.

Nigeria is an imaginary country, it has not a language and it has not a land. Therefore, there can't be true giving and receiving of full and complete natural loyalty to it by any leader or the people that are forced into it. It has been false from the beginning and will require falsity to keep it going forever but nature will resist this falsity at some point and this is what is beginning to happen now.

Nigeria is a none specific man's land hence even the outsiders from Niger are also trying their luck just as some Chinese people the other day were found helping themselves to gold digging in an area in the South West. Nigeria will ever remain a wilderness because no one will ever be truly committed to developing it into a working system, everybody will only be seeking what everybody can grab from it for themselves or for their own people, that's assuming that they're normal human beings. Don't blame the people in it, blame it's formation (it was not birthed; it has no life, it was formed). Returning is the word, restructuring is foolishness for everyone and in addition, stupidity for Yorùbá people. No other alternative will forever work other than a complete break up and back to what definitions of the land we had before the 1914 Amalgamation - Yorùbá for Yorùbá, Others for Others.

I can confirm that there will be no peace ever in this clearly confused and naturally baseless formation called Nigeria. The artificial country is actually craving and thirsty for a natural life and anyone, that's fit can give it life and ownership, the door is open and the Fulanis are trying to supply the life and give it a natural ownership. Without this natural ownership, the country will never ever be stable, know peace, have a system and travel any planned path of development.

So, get thee out of it, Yorùbá, or you'll be forever captured under the false identity of Nigeria under which your name has since been buried with all your glory.

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Pastor Òkèbíọ̀runkòsí, Yorùbá World Assembly
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