We Yorubas have to repel the psychological war being waged by the Fulanis.
The Fulanis know that they don't own Nigeria. They are just making the Yorubas and other ethnic groups in Nigeria to psychologically accept that they own Nigeria and Nigerians. They create panic and fear to making us believe they are 'the kingkong'. We even strongly believe that Fulanis are better Muslim devouts than other Nigerian muslims. But in reality,many of them are anti-Islam. Do the Fulani herders pray with their herds as muslims? Make the study to see the truth.

It is like the erroneous belief that the Arabs are the best Muslims. Why do we have differences between the Iranian, Pakistani and Arab Muslims?

The Janjaweed, ISIS, Boko Haram say they are fighting for Islam. But they are doing all things contrary to what the Qur'an teaches. We even believe that Fulanis want to Islamize Nigeria. No! What they want to do, if they want to do anything, is to ruthlessly exploit the natural resources in Nigeria. Theirs is to finish the natural resources of the land they settle on temporarily and move to other countries. These people have no permanent country. They are used to wandering about and of course, at last they are usually chased away by the indigenes (Central Africa example). But in many cases after the havoc had been rendered in that country.

We should ask ourselves, why are the Fulanis not plundering countries like Kenya (the Massais will destroy them), Uganda, Congos?

Why is it easy for them to ruthlessly invade the West African countries.

These Fulanis are also creating troubles for the farmers in Ghana. Just yesterday was a news that the farmers in an area called Damongo in the northern part of Ghana are protesting and saying they won't farm because the Fulanis are destroying their farms by grazing their cattles on the farms. What kind of Muslims would engage in destroying the livelihood of others?
I think the Fulanis are behaving like they were in the 18th century where the land is in "excess" and rich in all kind of freely growing grass and plants.

Their way of taking care of cattles is a laxy way. They do nothing than to just direct the cows to where there is already plants for the cattles to eat. The Fulanis don't farm, they don't fish. They don't even prepare the fodder for their cattles. Only free free things. Do we notice that some come down south and encourage their women and children to beg in the cities? Such scene has reduced probably because of the lucrative wicked kidnapping business.

The Fulani leaders need to orientate their people that the world has shrunk and shrinking. They have to learn other trades and modernise the way they rear cattles. If they don't, their ways of living will perish within the next fifty years.

The Yorubas and other West Africans should also control their uncontrolled appetite for cow meat. The Yorubas should stop the "alarobo business" that helps the Fulanis to see the Yorubas as very dishonest. It is the Yorubas that shamelessly help the Fulani herders to increase the prices of ram, cow during the festivals. Just because they want to make easy money by taking commissions from the Fulani herder.

These kind of Yorubas are lazy and shameless. They are Yoruba parasites sucking Yoruba blood. It is the same alarobo politics that is making Yoruba politicians unable to support the freedom and equality of Yorubas in Nigeria. Alarobo politics is when the Yoruba psychologically and physically accept to be 'vice-this vice-that' to the Fulani in government. And the Yoruba or Ibo is paid what I would term "political commissions in form of second hand position or monetary.

This must stop and change!
All other Africans are now hating the Fulanis and will fight them to finish in the near future. They will loose their cattles, their settlements and the battle.

We should not allow ourselves to be psychologically defeated. We can control and sustain Yoruba land, with or without the Fulanis.

Psychological defeat is worse than any other.
I am just thinking loud.

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