Below are YNN stands on recent happenings in Yoruba Land.

1.1. We, the Yoruba in the Diaspora, hereby declare our strong determinations, firm commitments,and undying resolve.

To flush out:

  • any individuals,
  • tribes,
  • groups
  • associations and
  • movements that are involved in crimes against humanity.

YNN declares ugly scowl, to nefarious acts that are against the Yoruba principles, ethics, ethos, custom, culture and tradition.


2:1. It is no more news that the security situation in Yorubaland is precarious, dangerous and perilous.
It is also beyond arguments that the Yoruba security has been compromised by the Nigerian Oligarchy Local, State and Federal Governance.

2:2. With regards to the ongoing Fulani Herdsmen killing spree and massacre all over Yorubaland, YNN will neither negotiates nor enters into any bargain on the safety of the Yoruba Indigenes.

2:3. There is no doubt that the Fulani foot soldiers (Herdsmen) killings in Yorubaland is premeditated, planned, and intended to wipe the Yoruba out of existence. These intentions and methods of operations; which includes but not limited to land grabbing, are crystal clear and obvious to all reasonable and impartial persons within and outside Yoruba Land.
Your plans are already truncated.

2:4. Through the porous Nigerian Northern borders, The Oligarchy Federal Government of Nigeria allows free movements of foot soldiers (Fulani Herdsmen); who came in to conjoin with Myetti Allah in the Country to be committing crimes such as maiming, kidnapping, raping, taking ransom, and killing of innocent citizens.

It is of importance to note that the United States of America restricted Nigerians immigration due to poor security and information sharing standards.

ii) BBC News 31 January 2020)

2:5. YNN is genuinely advising the Federal Government against caliphate moves.

Let it be registered that the ventures and ideas of Northern Territory led by Fulani oligarchy leadership upon Yoruba Land should be considered a pipe dream. All their afore planned ventures are mission impossible, a wild goose chase and exercises in futility.

2:6. YNN urges all Yoruba at home and in the diaspora to first and foremost verify and ascertain the veracity of this Yoruba security update and to also individually and collectively join hands with us to openly condemn the genocidal tendencies of the Fulani foot soldiers; supported by the federal government in massacring our people.

2:7. The clarion calls are on all Yoruba sons and daughters, at home and abroad to fully support every Ọmọ Ọkọ Yoruba agitators, including Chief Sunday Adisa Adeyemo a.k.a Chief Sunday Igboho.

2:8. General T.Y. Danjuma, former Chief of Staff of Nigeria, while speaking at the maiden convocation and 10th anniversary celebration of Taraba State University on 24th March 2018, alleged that the Armed Forces were conspiring with herdsmen to kill innocent Nigerians.

He called on Nigerians to defend themselves since the government and the military failed in their security function.

In the pursuit of this agitation, all Yoruba should begin to protect themselves with all available means as advised by General T.Y Danjuma.

Be vigilant in your environment and within your surroundings.
Yorubas should be proactive and be fully involved in stopping the criminal activities being perpetrated by Fulani Foot Soldiers, within our Communities, Highways and Forests.
See it, Say it, Sort it!

2:9 YNN hereby warns Heads of all Security Agencies in Nigeria, who are shielding and providing coverages for the Fulani Herdsmen; that they will be fully held accountable and responsible for all Human Rights violations under their watch at the International Criminal Court (ICC).


3:1. YNN urges all the States Government in Yoruba Land to note that the obnoxious Amalgamation of 1914 that contrapted us into the Nigerian entity was a fraud. History states that the entity was created for trading purposes only by the British Imperialist.

The Force Union is not working because of differences in Languages, Cultures, Traditions and Ideologies. Nigeria is thereby illegal and its conspiratorial existence is fraudulent. Yoruba Nation must begin the exploitation and exploration of Mineral Resources upon and underneath our Land. We must secure our homeland to develop our people and Nation.

3:2. Yoruba Nation Now Movement hereby counsels all States Government in Yoruba Land, particularly the States Governors; to exercise fairness in all their dealings with Masses.

Legality and Cautions must have their places in any measures you are applying or intending to apply towards detaining any Yoruba Nation Agitator. Be reminded that SAFETY OF THE POPULACE is your number one priority in your respective privileged offices.

However, your failures are apparently evocative regarding that important governance benefits; which are meant to be enjoyed by Citizens.
Punishing and Parading activists are against Human Right Acts.
It is in any individual's right to express feelings, and depriving or withdrawing Freedom of Speech from any Living Being is totally unacceptable. Such act amounts to Abuse of Power against Humanity.
Kindly refrain!


4:1. The Yoruba Traditional Institutions and Establishments are hereby placed on notice, that the Yoruba at home and in the Diaspora are not happy with your denials of the ongoing precarious security situation in Yorubaland.

4:2. For all practical purposes, it will appear that you Royal Fathers do not know why you are ordained as Kings over Yorubas.

You should appreciate why you are sitting on the Thrones of your forefathers in Yoruba Land. For every certainty, you are not installed as Royal Fathers to be grabbing and selling lands inordinately. You are not there for fashion parade, immoral act, and fraternising. To be reminded, you're all on your thrones to protect your indegenous members of the Yoruba Land.

4:3. Many of you despise Ifá and hold our Culture and Traditional in disdain and disrepute.
Dear Royal Fathers, you got it all wrong.

4:4. It is on record that you Royal Fathers have virtually sold all the land in your domain to strangers and foreigners; without considering the security implications of your pecuniary interest.

4:5. It is equally an indisputable fact that you Royal Fathers have been providing covers to your clients and employees (the fulani herdsmen); who have turned to become the enemies of your subjects.

They are killing, kidnapping, raping and destroying your indegenes farms and their means of livelihood. The untimely death of Late Dr Fatai Aborode, a PhD holder was a perfect example.

4:6. Recently, a most gruesome murder of one of the Yoruba Land prominent Royal Highnesses, Olufon of Ifon occurred on 26 November 2020; through these Bandits.

Ọba Israel Adeusi was shamefully gunned down, and died painfully; yet the remaining Yoruba Land Obas continue to ignore the imposition of Bandits right to kill.

4:7. It is time for you Yoruba Fathers to wake up to the ongoing herdsmen threats in Yorubaland, before your thrones and crowns are taken over by strangers and foreigners you are shielding in your desecrated palaces.

4:8. It is inappropriate and dishonourable for you Royal Fathers and Chiefs to sit on your thrones with your eyes wide open, watching Herdsmen invasions, Illegal Mining and plundering of Yoruba Land.

These illicit Criminals and grazing their cattles and mining illegally, unhindered and unfettered. These Fulani foot soldiers are perpetrating criminal activities against the Indigenes of the Yoruba land.


5:1. It is utterly despicable and horrific that under the watch of all Yoruba Religious Leaders, such as our indegenous Pastors, Imams and Traditionalists; various evils are being perpetrated against your people and you kept mute to their powerlessness, helplessness and hopelessness.

Please be mindful, that you will account for the blood of the worshippers in your care.

5:2. Your congregations are in agonies and anguish; to the terrorism of the Bandits, invaders and marauders. The Foot Soldiers (Herdsmen) are maiming and killing your Congregate, under your watch. It is time you break your silence and openly condemn these criminal acts, because you are Yoruba first before becoming Oníṣẹ̀ṣe, Christians and Muslims.
Your silence is inhumane and ungodly, you are hurting your followers.


6:1. It is disheartening that your establishments' indifference and insensitivity in addressing the menace of the Fulani Massacre of the Yoruba Populace is ridiculous.

6:2. It's expected that your Industry should speak out loudly to canvass the safety of the Populace that's embracing and patronizing you.

Instead, your Industry concentrates on promoting oppressors; rather than addressing daily criminal issues that's affecting the emancipation and independence of the Yoruba that we are agitating for.

It is expected that you will put your acts together to ensure that your clientele, which is the Yoruba, are not overrun.


Situations in Nigeria are so bad that there are mass Exodus of Yoruba Youths to different part of the world. They are escaping Nigeria to seek for greener pasture by using Sahara desert and meditaranian seas passage ways, thus leading to humongous deaths.

Moreso, the Yorubas in Diaspora can no longer freely come home from abroad because of present situation that has overwhelmed Yoruba Land.

Following oppression by the Law Enforcement Agencies, coupled with multiple scary experiences, stories of insecurity, gruesome killing, raping, kidnapping, extortion and oppression; the Yorubas in Diaspora are now subjected to be political and economic refugees in foreign land.

The terrible situations of Nigeria have reduced most Yoruba Females to prostitution, solicitation and slavery.


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Written by:
Dr Ola Ajanlekoko, YNN Spokeperson
My location:
United Kingdom