#Ìròyìn Òmìnira

Ogundiran Olusola Emmanuel,the Chairman, Trade Union Congress(TUC) Oyo State on Nigerian Policy and Policy Makers establishes that "the two Holy Books :Bible and Qu’ran” give room for law, but don’t ask me if the law makers are really following the rules of the law or are against it."He made this statement on the 9th January, 2021 around 8:30 am (Nigeria time) on “Ojúmọ́ ti mọ́” program at Oodua TV Network UK,anchored by a Yorùbá popular broadcaster,Olú Ayégbókìkí.
Comrade Ogundiran states that our supposed legislators do not go to the House to represent the interest of the citizens but go there to enrich their already fat bank accounts, money warehouses and catch some naps when necessary while leaving the masses in abject situation."

Moreso, he addresses the issue of Covid-19 . He establishes the fact that Nigeria should not have experienced the first wave of Covid 19 in its full boom let alone the second wave if the so called leaders had heeded to the precautionary measures signalled by foreign countries but they turned deaf and left all our ports vulnerable just because their relatives in the foreign countries had been caught in the web of the pandemic thereby giving them passage to our own dear land.
Now, the second wave is here and we are aware that this is more dreaded than the first one but yet our various ports are still porous." He supports his view with this Yoruba adage that says "Ajẹ̀bi má mọ̀ níí k'ógun jàlú". Meaning the government is faulty but does not want to admit it .
Lamenting on the same issue, Ogundiran registers his grievance by saying that it could be that Nigerians invited this misfortune on themselves just like the Isrealites in the Holy Bible did.The Lord granted their request on the kind of leader they desired in prayers. It could as well be that the sins and wrong deeds of the citizens of this nation that made God to put us under the torture of these mean leaders. He added that the reason could probably be the fact that these task masters got their various appointments on a plater of Gold, thus, very few of them show an iota of humanity and not mindful of setting a memorable record.

The Freedom fighter, Comrade Ogundiran, concludes that the NIN registration and its accompanying rigours are blatant mess and a cunny way to reach their habitual destination - embezzlement which their fore runners tried also but all to no avail.
In the same vein, our vibrant Comrade ridiculously makes mention of the outrageous increment on electricity charges as there is no need for the action now because a research committee had earlier been set up in December 2020 to look into the case and submit their research work by 25th January, 2021, while waiting for the report of team, the bombshell of increment was dropped. Is this right?
The Nigerian Patriot,on his final address, prays to God for better leaders whose interests would be the love and well being of the citizens.

News reporter; Olayemi, R.A.

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